10 Things that all Couples do and are ashamed to admit

10 Things that all Couples do and are ashamed to admit

And, as you well know: trust is disgusting.

When you have been with your partner for a long time, full and total trust develops. You reach a point where you are so comfortable with each other that you do not mind showing yourself to the natural, just as you are. This is undoubtedly a positive point: the days when you refused to let your boy see you without makeup, in which both pretended great manners at the table or in which you tripped each time you went to the pool.

10 Things that all Couples do and are ashamed to admit

But the confidence (or the excess of it, rather) has also led you to do certain things that you would not admit in public … You’re thinking about them right now, right? We have compiled some of the most common (because yes, they are, there is no reason to be ashamed) with which you surely feel identified.

1. You exploit granites and blackheads mutually
The black points of the nose, those that come out in the back … It is seeing one and not being able to resist extracting it from your skin, it produces a small rush (a bit disgusting, let’s be honest) that you can not explain with words.

2. Ask about the condition of your nose after blowing your nose
Before you looked at yourself with dissimulation in the mirror that you usually carry in your purse, let it be that after using a handkerchief, undesired remains remain in your nose. Now you simply raise your chin to show your partner your nose and ask romantically: “Honey, do I have snot?”

3. Having a passionate night … despite not having shaved
Let’s see, at this point in the movie, it’s more than clear that the attraction you feel for each other is unstoppable. Although some have forgotten to spend the razor before, that does not have to reduce your spirits to your meetings.

4. Dance ridiculously in the disco
Or wherever. Over the years you have developed certain choreographies that make you the kings of the track … Or at least that is what you believe.

5. Pee while the other brushes his teeth
You thought it was a line that you would never cross because, once you do, there is no turning back. But in the end, you ended up losing the shame.

6. Put ridiculous nicknames
Calling your partner by his first name is something that only happens when a World War III approaches between the two. Normally you refer to each other with ridiculous and/or highly sugary nicknames that you keep secret because of embarrassment when someone discovers them.

7. Record videos or take photos that should never come to light
And we do not talk about material +18, no, no. If not of your photos and videos doing the geek with the different Snapchat filters.

8. Release some other discrete flatulence
Maybe they have been the ones that do not sound and maybe your partner has not heard (or yes, but disguise not to see the sad reality), but surely someone has escaped in front of your boy or girl.

9. You gossip about other couples

You gossip about other couples
And you always come to the same conclusion: your relationship is the best!

10. Try different things in bed

Try different things in bed
It is often said that love is much better when you practice it with that person with whom you have confidence, and it is true! Surely you have tried new techniques, practices and postures that you never imagined


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