Guys cry too much


Indeed, no matter how much you think you know your man, there will always be that indecipherable look, or that vague thing he says during dinner that makes you think, “What the heck does he think? Is he mad at me? Sad? Will he break up with me? OMG! ”

We could make the guys crazy with our ambiguous ways, but the guys are driving us just as crazy. But what’s great is that there are 10 things every girl has the right to know about guys – and we’re about to explain them to you!

1. The guys are getting too nervous

The guys are getting too nervous

When you go to a first date with a man, you are naturally nervous. You are terrified in case you make up on the path of your encounter, scared in case the wind blows you up, and anxious in case you accidentally spill your Process OVER OVER HIM.

The guys are nervous too, though. Of course, they are supposed to be all manly, and they are sure to take the lead and choose where to go, and they even take the note with insurance that seems to be out of this world. But below all that, they’re as terrified as you are and every time they take a sip of beer, they worry about the fact that they’re about to spill on you.

2. Guys like compliments

Yes, everyone does it, even guys. A good compliment said at the right time can be a real game changer. The guys really want compliments, and it’s not because they are looking for attention or are in need, it’s because they rarely do Of course, guys prefer different types of compliments that we, ladies, do, and things like, ‘Oh, you’re really beautiful today!’ will only make a guy uncomfortable; but you can not go wrong when you compliment his skills, talents, manly behavior or strength.

3. Guys do not really want a threesome

Yes, many guys will tell you that their ultimate fantasy is a trio, with some of the most gloomy ones saying they want a fessome. They want you and a random woman to pick you up one night, all together in a bed. Shoulders, elbows and 6 knees; they want everything!

The truth, though, is that it’s really just a fantasy. The guys love their wives and they do not want anything to ruin their relationship, and especially not a trio. See, although it may seem nice for him to have Love with another woman, he is actually more worried that you seem to enjoy it. Poor man!

4. He thinks you’re really good when you say you’re good

“Hey, okay? I know we had a bit of a fight last night. I just wanted to text to see if you were ok and if I should come back later. I love you. I really do it, I think so. ”

“I’m fine.”

“Cool!! Does that mean I can go out for beer with the guys tonight? ”

After 40,000 years of evolution, the guys still have not realized that “I’m fine” means “I’m so mad at you!”

Apparently, it is a defect in their brain mechanism that only a super scientist could correct. But because such a correction would cost $ 56 billion, it will never happen. Oh, guys.

5. He can actually cook

Of course, he can cook. He can cook excellent dishes, and can even make a chamois soufflé.

He will not tell you, of course. After all, he does not want to sneak into preparing your meals for you. Instead, he wants you to wait for him. He’ll even set a toast on fire just to prove he’s bad in the kitchen.

“I thought that toast was supposed to be set on fire.”

6. Guys need breaks

Guys need breaks

Your man loves you, there is no denying it. And while they may wish to spend the rest of their days with you, that does not mean they should spend every second with you.

Guys need a break from us. It’s natural. They want a little bit of time every now and then, they have to see their friends and do stuff. They want to hit the golf course, go to Vegas, or just play video games with their friends. And while it’s nice of you to suggest that he play golf with you, it’s just not the same for him. Especially when you continue to miss the ball.

“Honey just hit the ball. Please.”

7.     Guys cry too much

Guys cry

The guys may be male lions who like to dominate, but that does not mean they do not enjoy a good scream like the ladies.

The thing is, guys tend not to cry in front of us. But just like us, it is always humans who are subject to real human emotions. Is not it!

Unlike robots, men become really sad. They might cry over a tearful movie or they might have a moment for themselves when they think of family members or friends who have died.

From time to time, they will cry even if you burn their dinner.

“You burned the steak? Okay. Give me a moment.”

8. Guys are wired to watch women

It’s very easy to get angry and angry when we see our man checking another woman, but we should not take him seriously.

You see, the guys are really wired to check the women! They have six times more testosterone than us, which can often make their libido uncontrollable, especially when there are women around. So what happens is that they check the women on the autopilot. While it seems they are eyeing your best friend and undressing her mentally, it’s really not her fault!

Unless he reaches and kisses him. He certainly can not blame this on his testosterone.

“It’s testosterone, honey, I swear!”

No, do not cut it.

9. Guys have dreams

This may not seem to be the case after another day of work and back home broken, but the guys have thoughts above and beyond tomorrow. They have dreams and big plans for the future that they might not share with you, in case you slaughter them.

But, although they seem to be people who live for the day and struggle to organize the bills, the guys are thinking about life in five years.

10. Guys treat dinner very seriously

If you are the kind of girl who orders a salad while ordering a steak with all the work, he will not be too happy if you continue to steal all his fries.

You ordered a salad for a reason and he ordered a steak for a reason, so vacuum it up and eat your cucumbers!

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