10 Tips for Girls on how to Deal with Facial Hair

10 tips for girls on how to deal with facial hair

There are reasons why a woman can develop facial hair and, although more often associated with women from certain ethnic groups and older women, facial hair can become more visible on any woman of any age. For some people, facial hair growth may be the result of their genes and for others, it may be caused by hormonal changes. Whatever the cause, when facial hair becomes visible on a woman, it can lead to embarrassment and can also cause anxiety. There are many ways to remove facial hair or make it less visible, so here are some tips on how to treat facial hair and the pros and cons of some of the most popular methods.

Do not Shave Facial Hair

1. Do not Shave Facial Hair

Men shave their facial hair every day, but remember, you often see men with small cuts on their faces, not to mention thatch at the end of the day. Women should really avoid shaving their facial hair because they do not provide you with a lasting solution and could even make things worse if you had left the hair on your face.

2. Waxing

How to remove facial hair? One option is to wax the affected area. Like any other wax, a wax for the face will remove the hair from their roots, so that it will last several weeks. The disadvantage, however, is that your face, especially your upper lip, is very sensitive and one can not deny that waxing your face will hurt. That said, the pain does not last long, so you might think it’s a small price to pay for a few weeks without hair.

3. Threading

If hair removal seems too painful for you, then, for smaller areas of the face, threading is an alternative that you might prefer. Threading is more commonly used to shape eyebrows, but it is just as effective at removing facial hair. Threading is much less painful than waxing and it will leave you feeling beautiful and smooth.

4. Whitening

Another tip on how to remove facial hair is to try to whiten. Depending on your complexion, you can dye or discolor the hairs of your face to make them less visible. You can buy kits that are made specifically for the purpose and it’s a completely painless way to make facial hair a lot less of a problem.

5. Depilatory Creams

Another painless way to remove facial hair is with depilatory creams. Known as depilatory treatments, these creams or lotions completely dissolve unwanted hair. However, you must be very careful to follow the instructions because improper use can lead to chemical burns on the face and even scars.

6. Laser treatment

Laser treatment removes hair by destroying the root with pulsations of light. It is a long-term treatment that can become permanent after a few treatments. It is however quite expensive to have done and you may need regular touch-ups to keep the hair away.

7. Hair removal

You can, of course, try to remove excess facial hair with tweezers. It’s effective, it’s cheap and it will not be as painful as waxing. The big disadvantage of the tweezers, however, is that it will take a lot of time for larger areas of the face.

8. Sugaring

Sugar is very similar to waxing, but it is said to be much less painful. A dough of sugar and lemon is applied on the skin and then torn off, in the opposite direction of the growth of the hairs, then withdrawn in the opposite direction, removing the hair by the roots, just like the waxing, the sugar is only a temporary solution and the treatment should be repeated regularly.

9. Electrolysis

How to remove facial hair permanently? Electrolysis is, after a few treatments, a permanent solution to the problem of facial hair. The treatment works by giving the hair a small electric shock that kills the hair follicle and stops hair growth. The disadvantages are that it is a time-consuming treatment, a relatively expensive treatment and it can be painful, but not as painful as waxing.

10. Do not panic unnecessarily

Do not panic unnecessarily

Many women are obsessed with facial hair unnecessarily, so do not let this happen to you. If you take a closer look, you will find fine hair on everyone’s face and yours could be completely invisible to everyone. If you find hair growing unexpectedly, then it could be due to a hormonal change in your body. If you think this is the case, go to your doctor, who can advise you on appropriate treatment.


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