10 Tips to Make him Fall in Love Crazy

10 Tips to Make him Fall in Love Crazy

Which girl will not be pleased to know that she catches the attention of a charming boy.

The problem is that in real life, and far from the romantic scenes we watch in movies, there are no heroes and heroines, and no longer uses songs to express feelings of love.  And there are always girls who do not know how to attract the man they like.

tips to make him fall in love crazy

To solve this problem, our site gives you advice, follow them and your prince charming will certainly be impressed by your charm.

Ignore it
Yes, girls, you understand it. If you notice that he is interested in you and you are also gilding him, the next best thing to do is to ignore him. It will hurt his ego. A boy who is generally admired by people will have trouble digesting that there is someone who ignores him. He will take it as a challenge to catch your attention!

Always be surrounded by your friends
The challenge, in this case, will be more fun and more interesting, it will certainly try to catch your attention so that you reserve a little of your time

fall in love crazy

Do not show that you know your feelings
After trying, he could catch your attention and try to talk to you. Ok, no stress. Speak, but speak as if he’s just one of those many boys trying to contact you

Show your mysterious side
Want to express yourself? Take your time and try not to fall under his spell, having an attitude “I do not care”. Do not confide your secrets and have a dark side in your personality

Try to be a serious girl
Yes, it works! Showing the seriousness of you and pretending that you treat the affair or friendship with the boys as something banal will hurt his feelings.

Yes, but nothing more! How long can you play this game of hiding and seek? So, now you are ready to be friends with him. Well, keep this form of relationship, a friend, just like your other close friends, until you feel it’s time to move on to another stage.

Do not respond to messages immediately
Now that you are friends, SMS and phone calls will start. But, it’s better that you can control yourself. The more you try to be harder to get, the more he is attracted.


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