Tips to Slim Down Without Diet

10 Tips to Slim Down Without Diet

How to Reconcile Slimming and Good Nutrition!

10 Tips to Slim Down Without Diet

Lose weight without diet, is not it the dream of all women? Surely you do not know that it’s entirely possible. Know that to lose weight and to melt the recalcitrant fat, it is not enough to find the right slimming diet, but to find your ideal weight and keep it to be good in your skin. In short, you do not need to bend to strict diets to lose weight. By adopting a healthy and balanced diet, you can lose weight without giving the counters the pounds already lost while remaining healthy. Without holding you back for a long time, check out our 10 tips to slim down without going through any diet.

1. A salty breakfast

To eat properly at breakfast, you will have to limit your consumption of sweet foods, especially fruit nectars. So, the morning meal must be salty so that you have enough energy without being hungry all morning. Thus, to start the day, you can give yourself a little gourmet pleasure with white ham, eggs, sheep cheese or cereals.

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2. More Animal Protein

Fish, goat cheese, cold meats … Eating a great source of animal protein in the morning offers multiple benefits. According to specialists, these proteins can stimulate awakening and motivation, but not that … since they also promote the feeling of satiety while improving digestion. You will not be able to ban some sweet delights, but always accompany them with foods rich in protein.

3. A Little Fat for Health

All fats are not bad for your health. Moreover, your body needs it to function properly. Once again, this is not a slippage that will later be regrettable, but some good fats that will provide fatty acids needed by your body. Thus, you can alternate in your recipes the use of oilseeds such as almonds, and do the same for oils, including those of rapeseed or olive.

4. Sugars

Sweet foods are not banned, but only, you will have to eat them as a snack, around 16 or 17 h. Of course, if you do not want to end up with too many pounds, it’s better to go sweet with sweet products, although they do you good. Thus, a small square of dark chocolate, it is quite permissible, just like sweets. However, these treats must be consumed after exercise and associated with a yoghurt or banana slightly green.

5. Fresh Foods

Granted, the right foods are the ones that are fresh. For example, avoid eating processed foods that you do not know about the ingredients used and added preservatives. To eat properly, buy fruits and vegetables, as well as locally sourced meats. The other tip is to eat your fruit with the skin so you can enjoy all their nutrients.

6. Meat Away from Carbohydrates

You can eat meats, but those that are not high in carbohydrates. Moreover, you should never associate foods rich in carbohydrates such as pasta and rice with meat. Thus, you will avoid the increase of insulin which promotes the storage of fats. On the other hand, if you practice sports, you will not have to worry about mixtures of carbohydrates and fats. Also, vegetables will also be part of each of your plate for a complete diet.

7. A Vegetarian Dinner

Vegetarian menus offer light recipes for dinner. So forget meat, fish and eggs, and make way for legumes, vegetables and whole grains. The advantage with tasty veggie dishes is that you can be sure of feeding yourself in a healthy and correct way, and at the same time, lose weight or maintain your weight without breaking your head.

8. Sports From Time to Time

Young happy woman doing fitness exercises at home
Whether they are mild or rather rough, physical activities are essential for your health and weight loss. No need to register in the gym if you can play sports at home. Stretching exercises are strongly encouraged otherwise you can also go walking or cycling. In any case, the bottom line is that you move your body to keep you in shape.

9. Sleep Good Nights

For you to feel good about yourself, always have a good night’s sleep. But to get a good night’s sleep, you’ll have to pay attention to what you eat at night. Dinner should not hurt your restful sleep. In order to easily find the arm of Morphée, avoid taking stimulating products such as coffee, tea or chocolate, and before going to bed, do not forget to take a relaxing bath.

10. Good Reflexes

It is not enough to eat the right foods properly to lose weight. In addition, it is necessary to adopt good reflexes. If you are used to the privatization of food, now you will have to learn to please yourself. By savoring every bite of your plate, you will limit the stress that is nibbling during the day. Moreover, you will have to avoid eating in front of the TV or the computer, because they will push you to swallow without stopping, even if you are no longer hungry.

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