11 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

When it comes to cheating, always trust your gut instincts. They are usually never wrong. Have a doubt that your partner is cheating on you ? Below are some of the signs that cheaters exhibit in their daily lives. If you notice these signs in your partner, maybe its time to have a look at them more closely and deeply.

1. They are distracted while spending time with you
They are on their phones constantly or not paying attention to what you say or do anymore. Their mind is somewhere else even if physically they are present with you.

2. Suddenly start to focus more and improve their appearance
They start paying more attention to their dressing and appearance for no apparent reason whatsoever. They check out themselves in mirror more than usual.

3. Fights with you for petty issues
Your partner start to fight with you uselessly without any real issues. This is mostly because of their own guilt and frustration.

4. Becomes defensive regarding their actions They refuse to have an open discussion with you about anything and become hostile when you ask them a question regarding their day or something that they did.

5. They describe every detail of their schedule in great lengths even when not neededThey make extra efforts to tell you where they were or what their schedule is in great details with exact timings.

6. They frequently stay late at work Their routine changes without any reason. They start telling you they are at work more often when before they always had their office timings fixed.

7. The emotional distance increasesThey do not treat you the way they did before. They do not make any efforts to make you feel special. They are less emotionally available to you and the intimacy decreases.

8. Change their passwords for their phones, email and other social media

They suddenly ask for privacy from you and change passwords of all their accounts. They have problem with you checking out their accounts and messages.

9. They are always on their phones

No matter if you two are meeting after a long time, they are still concentrating on their phone rather than talk to you. They refuse to hand over their phones to you even for a second.

10. They start spending less and less time with youRemember – double timing needs timing. If your partner is making excuses lately to not spend time with you then they might be utilizing that time to be with someone else.

11. They lie who they hang out withIf you have caught your partner lying about their whereabouts and lying about who they are with, it is a solid sign that your partner is cheating on you. Does your partner tell you that they are with friends when they are actually not ? They are likely spending time with the person they are having an affair with.

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