20 Signs that your crush has a crush on you !

  1. Your crush ask you about your current relationship status.
  2. They are good at conversations with others, but when it comes to you they fumble with their words.
  3. They often find ways to compliment you.Be it your dressing, your appearance, a talent that you have or simply just you.  *wink wink*.
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  4. They start to find reasons to hang out with you and spend more time with you.
  5. Nothing can wipe that smile off their face whenever they re with you. It is like you are their switch on button for smiling.

6. Whenever you speak, they listen to your words like their life is dependent on them. They lean towards you and hang on to every word that you say.

7. They laugh at your jokes even if they are not funny. A sure sign that they are into you !

8. They will know every detail about you. Even the things you did not tell them. Your likes and dislikes are on the tip of their tongues.

9. They make time for you even when they are busy. If you ever need them they will put aside their important work to be there for you.

10.Most of the time they are the ones who initiate the conversations between you two.

11. Their confident demeanor turns into a clumsy one whenever they are around you. Nerves I guess !

12. You can feel the jealousy radiating off them when they see you flirting with someone else. Who likes their crush flirting with someone else in front of them !

13. They follow you on every social media that you are on and never fail to like any of your pictures or videos.They view all your status and stories and also comment on them most of the time.

14. They take your opinion while taking important decisions in their life.This shows the place they have for you in their heart.

15. They will encourage you to do things in your life that you love and will support you in your worst times.

16. Their friends will tease you both. Well, friends know us better than we do ourselves. They might have realized the feelings their friend has for you. So they try to leave no stone unturned to make you guys end up together. Most probably, their friends know all about you.

17. They try to turn the subject if you start talking about someone that you like.

18. They share things with you that they would never do with anyone else under any circumstances. This shows that they trust you and are comfortable opening up to you.

19. They sometimes flirt with you and tease you.They make jokes about you two dating mostly to gauge your reaction regarding how you feel about it.

20. They will be protective of you and would not hesitate to defend you to anyone even if it means that they have to stay alone.

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