3 Tips to build a Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

Do you want to have a healthy relationship? We give you several tips to help you get it.

We are always with whom we should be. When we have a partner we are with the person who will allow us to know ourselves. However, when we fall in love it is very common that we want to possess the other, and when we believe that we have it we begin to be afraid of losing it or losing it, then we discover ourselves as possessive. From Enric Corbera Institute, based on their Bioneuroemoción method, they recommend us to follow these tips to build a healthy relationship with your partner.

1. Pay attention to what makes you fall in love fall in love

We have all loved it. We know someone and we have a sensation in the stomach as if we had butterflies, and we say to the friend or the friend: “I just fell in love “. The mind needs to label the physical sensation. That which makes us fall in love and which has no “explanation” is directly related to our unconscious programs. We say that we fall in love when we deeply resonate with another person’s information.

However, the aspects that we initially fall in love with are those that later on we do not support and bother us. Well, because we have not just integrated them into ourselves and we judge them or because we have already integrated them and we consider that we do not need that person to follow our path. Being aware of this does not mean having to leave the couple, on the contrary, we can also choose to evolve with it.

2. Be consistent
Live to pay attention to what we think, what we feel and what we do goes in the same direction. We must avoid doing things that we do not like because we want to please the other or, what is the same, avoid doing things that we do not like just because we believe that the other will want to be with us. It is important to maintain individuality, to give us permission to continue being ourselves by sharing life with someone who, in turn, gives himself permission to remain himself or herself.

If at some point we detect that this is not the case, we can ask ourselves: What is a couple for me? What do I want a couple for? To not be alone? To not be alone? To not get bored? To have someone to take care of me, etc. It is fundamental to continuously question ourselves to detect our own inconsistencies, thus, we will stop wanting to change the other to focus on our own evolution.

3. Live in Unity Consciousness
If we think that the other person comes to fill our deficiencies we will continue with them and when we do not have the other we will suffer. On the other hand, if the person next to us complements us, that benefits us because it teaches us something that we have to learn and integrate. Then, the other person is our blessing and not our misfortune.

When we live from unity consciousness we stop living in the projection to start living in extension. That is, we understand that there are not two, but a unit that complements itself. We are always facing ourselves. In this way, we can stop being what we think we are to give us the opportunity to be what we are.

That is the first sign of the lack of love towards oneself. True love does not bind anyone. He does not want to own. The freest love is to live with someone in the present moment, without resentment for the past, or fears for the future; but with gratitude towards the other person, for sharing life and helping us to know ourselves better.


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