4 Tips For business Owner to expose their brand

4 Offline Marketing tricks for business growth

The new trend that for new or old business owner is to “go online”. Back in the days it is not compulsory for your business to have an online presence. But with the increase in internet penetration even in third world countries.

This has make it difficult for mortar and brick business to survive. If you don’t have a website, now is the time to do so. With so many benefits that you will derive. I am sure you your business would expand.

With the increase in number of people using social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so many more. You should find a way to advertise your business on this platform.

The benefits you would derive from this social media sites is enormous. It is so easy for you to find local buyer for your product and services.

4 Tips For business Owner to expose their brand

To advertise your business on social media platform is easy and would increase your business exposure and revenue.

When you advertise on this platform, you can drive targeted audience to your business website. This is why you need to build your website. You can use free platform like blogger depending on your skill level. One of the problem facing website using blogger is how to remove blogger navbar. Don’t worry head over to  know more on how to remove blogger navbar.

It is hard for small business owner to advertise on this platform. You need huge sum of money but if you follow this guide you are sure that your marketing campaign will work.

  • Create Business Account

I know that you have different social media account where you post your picture, chat with your friend and so many more. But if you are serious about increasing your brand exposure. You must create a business account.

All social media allow business owner to create a business account. So don’t worry about using your old account.

Create new account for your business and use your old account like you always do. The benefits that you would derive from using business account is that you can create online campaign and monitor the result. Your business account will give you all the data that you need.

  • Use Hash tag

With so many people uploading their content on social media. It is hard for people to notice anything about your website. By including hash tag on your content. When user search for a particular query your content will appear higher than it used to be. Which increase your brand exposure and website visit. Hash tag that you will use should be relevant to your content and you can search for the number of people interested in that hash tag.

  • Hire a Professional Digital Marketer

A professional digital marketer help to create marketing campaign for small business owner. Large business make use of their in house digital marketer but if you can’t hire a professional digital marketer full time you can lokk for freelance digital marketer.

This help you to maximize your profit because your return of investment is higher compare to when you create your own campaign. With so many metrics to watch out for it is quite advisable to outsource to digital marketer and tell him/her what your marketing goal is.

  • Reduce your website loading speed

No matter how your marketing campaign convert high targeted audience to your website. If your website is slow to load. The audience won’t convert to customer and that goes your dream of making money from your campaign. Website which load within 1 seconds is the ideal time and if your website load within 3 seconds don’t worry. But if it load after 3 seconds you are loosing valuable customer who don’t have the time to wait.


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