5 common mistakes that one should avoid in a relationship


Relationships can be tricky sometimes. It all depends on how you handle it. Occasionally a small issue can turn into a big mess and before you realize that your relationship is in jeopardy. Here are 5 common mistakes couples usually make which can lead to the end of their relationship.

1. Manipulating your partner to work according to your wishes

The most common mistake a couple makes is that they try to manipulate their partners and try to twist their actions and wishes according to the way they want it to be. The same habits which they earlier found cute starts to bug and irritate them. They start trying to change their partners which later leads to problems in their relationship. One should never forget that everyone is their own individual and forcing someone according to your needs may eventually distance your partner from you.

2. The blame game !

We are too familiar with the blame game. Rarely do couples mistake their own fault in a fight. They are quick to point the finger at their partners for all the issues that arise. When you fight with your partner next time, calm yourself down for a second and evaluate the situation. Most of the time we fail to see our own faults when we are angry. Distancing yourself from the anger will help you think clearly and solve your problems in a better way.

3. Taking your partner for granted

Relationship Tip: Never take love, care for granted.

So the honeymoon phase is over. The initial excitement starts to fade. This should not mean that you start taking your partner’s love for granted. It takes two people to maintain a healthy relationship and if efforts are being made only from one side… ? Well, the relationship is doomed buddy! Your partner is not going to make compromises all their life for you. Make them feel that you care and show them gratitude. Being busy in your life is okay but always find time for people who cares about you. After all its all about priorities !

4. Lack of communication 

Relationship Tip: Communication is the key of any relationsip

Most of the issues arises due to the lack of communication between the partners.Majority of the time its a miscommunication which creates a rifts between the couples. Ego clashes further elevates a small issue into a bigger one. Many relationships end because the couples refuse to communicate their problems with each other. Always remember folks, even the biggest of issues can be resolved by proper communication. Make a rule in your life – never go to bed angry. Solve your misunderstandings the day itself and do not drag it into the next day. In the end you will realize that most of the issues were silly to be fought over in the first place.

5. No calls. TEXT TEXT TEXT !

Relationship Tip: No calls. TEXT TEXT TEXT can ruin things

The era of social media and mobile phones have made communicating far more easier than before. Connecting with people far away has become easier yet we are getting farther away from the people who mean the world to us. Nowadays couples usually text each other most of the time. Its okay if one is busy the whole day but make sure to call your partner once a day, even for 2 minutes to let them know you are thinking about them or ask them how their day was. A simple call of 2 minutes can make your partner feel much more appreciated.

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