Being the largest organ in our body, our skin plays many crucial roles in keeping us healthy and free from illnesses. But in order for it to perform its full function, it must be maintained well and kept healthy. The skin care industry is a booming one, raking in billions of dollars in annual revenue.

This says a lot about how people view their skin. Coupled with the need to move towards chemical-free and organic skin care products, it’s no surprise that many have turned to cannabis as a way of keeping their skin healthy and looking radiant. Here are a few ways cannabis can benefit your skin.

  1. It helps with acne

Cannabis is brimming with many fatty acids that are lacking in people who experience acne breakout. Many that buy weed online canada are using it in treating their acne breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce the breakout of acne.

As an added bonus, cannabis also has antibacterial properties which can help treat infections on the skin, a significant cause of acne. Furthermore, cannabis has been shown to help regulate lipid production to combat excessive oil release.

  1. It helps with psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition where the person experiences itchy, painful red patches on the skin. There is no known cure for this condition, but there are medicines to help with the symptoms. Cannabis has been shown to help decrease the occurrence of these red patches by inhibiting the progression of inflammation, which is one of its primary causes.

It also helps to inhibit the build-up of dead skin cells, which is a direct cause of psoriasis. There is more research that needs to be made to quantify its effect, but early results are promising.

  1. It helps with irritation

It’s safe to say that many have experienced experiencing some sort of break out or skin itchiness in their life. This is perfectly normal. As our outer defense, our skin is bombarded with a constant attack from germs and the elements, and its natural reaction is inflammation.

CBD helps with this because it has anti-inflammatory effects that help significantly lower inflammation. It can also help with the pain from such irritation and swelling, giving the skin a chance to heal properly.

  1. It acts as a protective shield

It might come as a surprise to most people that cannabis contains vitamins A and D that help boost the natural protective barrier of the skin against bacterial infection.

Cannabis helps stimulate the regeneration of healthy skin cells, which are far effective at offering protection against outside elements and germs. Vitamin D also helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental pollutants.

  1. It slows signs of aging

Cannabis, when applied on the skin, can help slow the aging process, a significant concern that many people have. A study has revealed that the compound CBD found in cannabis is an effective antioxidant which helps nourish the skin for an even more effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.

Cannabis is also great at flushing away free radicals, a byproduct of the body that causes harm on the cells like collagen when they build up.

  1. It helps promote overall skin health

Topical forms of cannabis have been proven to be effective at promoting the growth of new skin cells that keep the skin looking young and fresh. Beauty experts have begun to use CBD oil in their beauty routine before bed or in the morning right before stepping out.

With all these skin benefits, even the big players in the cosmetics industry are seeing excellent potential in CBD-based beauty products. If you try to scour online for organic cosmetic products with cannabis oil, you’ll be surprised by the myriad of choices you’ll find.

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