7 Biggest Relationship Red Flags To Watch Out For


Relationships can be tricky sometimes. It has to be handled with care. Many a times we ignore some red flags so as to not create unnecessary drama in our lives. Here are 7 biggest read flags which you should never ignore in a relationship.

1. They make fun of you and put you down Always remember that your partner is supposed to make you feel good about yourself and make you happy. If they laugh at you for something that you did and try to bring you down than it is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

2. They are always lateIt is alright if your partner is late sometimes. Hey ! We all are busy with one thing or other in our lives. But if they are late every time and always have an excuse ready for their behavior, it sort of highlights their personality and their seriousness towards you.

3.  They try to control your behavior
If your partner is trying to distance you from other people in your life that you care about and who care about you, it is a huge red flag. If you have a partner who tries to control your behavior, the way you dress, the people you meet and tries to make them self the most important person in your life….. run the other way as far as you can and as fast as you can !

4. They force you to send nudes and get physical

Intimacy is something which comes naturally in a relationship as the trust grows. If your partner is pestering you for nudes or forcing you to get physical with them even if you have told them you are not comfortable, then its time to move on. A partner who does not respect your boundaries is not worth spending your time with.

5. If they threaten to break up with you over small issuesEvery couple fights. It is not possible that every one will agree on one thing always. When your partner threatens to walk out of the relationship every single time you two disagree on something than this is a major red flag for you to consider.

6. They are abusive towards you

First of all understand that abuse is not always physical. It can also be psychological, emotional and verbal. Walk out at the first sign of these kind of abuses. Staying in these kind of relationship could lead to dangerous outcomes in the future.

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7. Sense of entitlement“No one would like to be with you if I ever left you. “

“You should feel lucky that I am with you even though I had so many better options. “

“I deserve so much better than you. “

“My friends keep asking me why I am with you when I can get anyone I want. “

“I can buy this right now in a second. It would take ages for you to do the same. “

If these sentences sound familiar to you, do yourself a favor and get away from this toxic relationship as soon as possible. Staying like this could exhaust you from the inside and you will lose your trust in yourself eventually.

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