7 Tips to Improve Mother Daughter Bond as You Both Grow Older


It is said that the love of a mother and daughter holds no bounds. As daughter grows older, they become either best friends or if handled incorrectly their bond weakens. Here are some tips to make sure that your relationship do not go down the wrong way of the tunnel.

  1. Spend more time with each other

It is understandable that as we grow older, we start getting busy in our own lives, but it is necessary to take out some time and talk to each other. Ask the other how their day was and share the things you did throughout the day. No matter how hectic your schedule is make sure to set aside some moments to spend quality time with each other.

2. Let her be free

Do not try to control every other aspect of your daughter’s life. Respect her thoughts and opinions. Trying to control your daughter’s life will only push her away from you.

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3. Respect her privacy

During teenage years, children start separating themselves from their parents. Its perfectly natural and just a part of growing up. These years are play a crucial role as they have a large impact on the type of relationship you will have with you daughter in her adulthood. Always be present in her life to guide her and show her the right path but do not be a nosy parent. This will have a negative effect on your relationship with your daughter. She will start hiding more and more stuff from you as she will resent this interference in her life.

4. Forgiveness is the key

We are humans and humans make mistakes. This applies for both. Do not hold a grudge if the other person made a mistake. Learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness whenever necessary. Firing back with harsher words will only worsen the situation further and will elevate the issue which could have been solved easily.

5. Plan some fun activities together

Go for a mother-daughter date. Watch a movie. Go shopping together. Join a class doing something you both love. Try to know each other’s new likes and dislikes. Go for a drive together or just sit at home watch a show or movie that both of you love.

6. Constructive criticismCriticism is only good when done in a particular way. Taunting your daughter constantly even with good intentions will lower her confidence and bring her morale down. In the future she will hesitate to share any of her problems and issues with you in the fear that you will chastise her instead of helping her.

7. Be an active listenerAs the daughter grows up the listener tag transfers from the mother to her girl. She will look up to you during this time. She would need a friend more than a mother. This is when you have to step up and help her in the best way possible by lending your ear to her thoughts and confusions.

8. Third party interference is a big NO NO !

Do not agree on something ? The worst thing you could do in this scenario is involve some other person to validate your point. This will turn the issue into a bigger one. Majority of the time, the situation becomes worse instead of getting better. It is not necessary that that the third party will have best interest at heart for you both. Try to keep any difference of opinions between you both and avoid bringing other person into it even if it someone close to you both.

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