8 Ways To Make Your Married Life More Blissful


Marriage is a union of two souls. It  is not always an easy task to maintain a happy vanilla relationship with your spouse. Here are superb married life tips which by following you can lead a more happy and blissful life.

  1. Do not try to change your spouse according to your willThis will just create more differences between you two. Everyone is their own individual. Trying to change who they really are can leave a bad image of you in your partner’s mind.

2. Plan a date night !Just because you are married now does not mean you have to stop doing things that you used to do before. Surprise your spouse and go for a date night to relive the past moments.

3. Compliment them Who does not like being complimented. Make a point to appreciate your partner often. It will make them happier and make them know that  they are appreciated.

4. Kiss them goodbye and hello !This small gesture of yours can make a really big difference. When you leave for office or if your spouse is leave for job, make sure to kiss them goodbye. When they come back welcome them by doing the same. This will make them forget all the day’s issues instantly.

5. Never go to bed angry

No matter how terrible the fight between you guys was. Make a rule in your life to never go to bed angry. Resolve your issues the day itself and start the next day with happy thoughts.  Dragging your issues further will only make your problem bigger.

6. Take responsibilities for your faults

Most of the time during a fight it is not fault of just one person. But in ego we often refuse to acknowledge our own shortcomings. Next time you guys have a fight, do not interrupt your spouse and listen to what they have to say. Communication is the key to solve all your problems. Accepting your faults will only strengthen you relationship with your partner.

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7. Gift them things that hold some valueNo, not monetary value. I am talking about the emotional value of gifts. Sometimes it is more about the thought that you put behind that gift rather than the money you spent on it. It should not always have to be materialistic. They will appreciate a simple card made by you more than a gift that you spent a large amount of money on.

8.  Agree to disagree

It is not necessary that you and your partner would always agree on one thing. Just because you are married does not mean that you stop being your own person. It is okay to have different opinions on the same thing. This is what makes you unique. You just need to respect your partner’s opinions too. Mutual respect and understanding will make your bond stronger than ever.

If you have more points to add in married life tips then tell us in comment section below and share your views about the same. Stay tuned to for more tips like this !


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