Annoying Things People Say That Introverts Are Tired of Hearing


Definition of Introvert ?

Dictionary: A person who is shy and quiet, is concerned with their inner feelings and thoughts rather than spending time with other people.

People: A lonely creature, who is not found around places were parties usually takes place. This creature likes the comfort of its own home and gets cranky among a crowd. Having a forever Resting B!tch Face, it is mostly found face buried into a book. If seen, kindly do not try to engage or strike a conversation. Their annoyed glances can cause your heart to break into two !

Being an introvert I can relate to this a lot. The world is full of myths and misconceptions about what an introvert is. Not every introvert is same in nature. I am sure there are some things which you are tired of hearing as an introvert because I sure am !

  1. You are so antisocial !Dude you think I am a sociopath or what? First of all that’s ‘asocial’ and not ‘antisocial’. If only I saved a dime every time someone called me an ‘antisocial’ person, I could have sponsored an entire moon mission myself!

    2. Why don’t you like people ?
    Umm.. I do like people, just not everyone. I like spending my energy on people who mean something to me.

3. Why so serious all the time ?

Definition : Resting b!tch face makes a person appear as if they are angry, irritated or annoyed, specially even when the person is resting, content or just relaxing. Got it ?

4. You are alone all day. Don’t you feel lonely ?

Being alone does not equals to lonely. These are two different things buddy !

5. What do you do all day anyways ?

Oh wait. Let me guess. You probably think what I do all day is ..

and …


Correct ? *facepalm*

6. You are so silent today. Are you okay ?

Well, I was until you came along. Please shoo away now. Allow me to be okay again.

7. You should speak more often, don’t you think ?

And you should shut up more often. Don’t you think ?

7. There’s this party that you should come to and meet more      people

You kiddin me ?!?

8. You are so shy! Try to open up more

I am not shy. I just don’t like interacting with people just for the sake of interaction. Please leave me alone now.

9. You seem depressed

My brain – You have used 100% of your daily ‘Interaction with people’ quota. The response rate is now reduced to 0.0001 kbps. The plan will be renewed tomorrow morning after the detoxing and the cleansing ritual.

10. You should smile more often

I hope you are happy now.

11. All you introverts are quite mature

If only you knew and saw what my best friends have seen !

Relate with any of the above situations ? Comment down below and let us know. Stay tuned for more articles like this. Happy Introverting!


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