Bespoke Luxury Kitchen

Top 4 Tips Highlighting Bespoke Luxury Kitchen Designs London, UK

The kitchen is undeniably the most important part of any house. It is usually the centre point of a family’s everyday exercises, so everything about it needs to be tasteful and inviting. As you start planning to build a kitchen for your home, you must invest time in looking for some interesting kitchen designs that not only add beauty, but also functionality to the most used area of your house.

Below mentioned are a few important tips highlighting bespoke luxury kitchen designs London, UK, that can go far in helping you have a kitchen of your dreams.

Bespoke Luxury Kitchen London

  1. Include an island: The days of kitchen peninsulas are long gone and now is the time of islands. When structuring your luxury kitchen, go for the largest island the space can hold. The island is the main attraction of your kitchen, it is a spot to prepare snacks, mix drinks, and can also serve as a self-serve buffet place. Islands look exceptionally beautiful in kitchens of all shapes and sizes.


  1. Use a mixture of countertop materials: A lot of people in Slough are beginning to experiment with different types of countertops in kitchens. Having the space overwhelmed by chunks of stone or marble ledge can make the place feel cold and uninviting. It is important that your kitchen feels warm and inviting and one way to do so perfectly is by using a variety of countertop materials including limestone and wood. For example, you could decide on a wood top on the island, to give it a traditional feel.


  1. Play with the lights: Poor lighting can brutally slaughter the look of any kitchen regardless of how perfect the structure is. A lot of people go for functional lighting that lighten ups the entire room all together, yet this sort of lighting does not do anything to set up the mood in your kitchen. Lighting is a much like designing, which requires you need to blend and match diverse styles to create a perfect feel. You should try a combination of an assortment of lights over shelves and sink, a rich roof light over the island and enriching swinging lights having color, style and light to the edges of your kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen Slough

  1. Do not be hesitant to add a dash of color: While white kitchens do look luxurious, adding a bit of color can do wonders to make it look modern and polished. A splendid crimson wall with white cabinetry can easily make your space look bigger and can actually become the most attractive portion of your kitchen. A green backsplash over the stove goes far in adding a Mediterranean touch to your luxury kitchen.

Lastly, these days a lot of people in Berkshire prefer to hide the appliances to make the kitchen look neat and spacious. When you are designing your kitchen, ensure to have a lot of space to store your kitchen appliances. You should also not forget to include space for things like chimneys and dishwasher in the design.

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