Best Options for Replacement of Cracked Phone Screen


The cracked screen of your phone can disconnect you from friends and family as you are not able to use your phone. It is essential to use a screen protector to protect your screen from getting damaged from falls or impacts.

However, in case you have broken your screen due to any reason, you need to replace the cracked screen to use it again. There are multiple options to replace your cracked screen.

The best suitable option depends on whether your phone is in the warranty period or not. You can get it replaced by your phone manufacturer company or by a repair facility. Check out these options for the replacement of cracked screen of any phone.

If your phone is under warranty!

Almost all smartphone companies offer a warranty for their devices. If your phone is under the warranty period, you can contact your manufacturer company for replacement of the damaged screen. To get your screen replaced by the company, you need to contact its nearest service center. For example, if you have a Samsung phone, you need to visit the nearest Samsung phone service center for replacement.

Out of warranty

In case the warranty period is over, you can still get the cracked screen replaced. In such a case, you have two options. You can get it replaced by the manufacturer company or by some other repair facility. If you choose to visit the service center of the manufacturer, you need to pay for the replacement of your screen.

Sometimes, you get the replacement of screen and your phone back within one or two days from the service center, but in some cases, you may need to wait for a week or more. Some service centers may send the phone to the company for replacement of screen, and it takes time to get our phone back for use.

Do you have phone insurance?

Some manufacturers like Apple offer the facility of insurance for their devices. If you have phone insurance, you can get your screen replaced by a repair facility that has tie-ups with the insurance company. Usually, the companies offering phone insurance companies have tie-ups with the manufacturing companies.

So it is best to get your screen replaced from the service center of your phone manufacturer company. The insurance companies offer full or partial reimbursement claim for the replacement of your cracked screen. It means you can get the replacement of your phone screen free of cost.

Other repair facilities

In addition to the service centers of the manufacturer, you can visit the local repair shops and other repair facilities. However, the local repair shops may not offer good quality of repair for your phone. Therefore, it is good to visit a highly reputed repair facility that provides high-quality repair for all brands of phones. Repairs like phone repairs Palmerston offer high quality of maintenance of most brands of smartphones.

Local repair facilities

If you want an inexpensive replacement for your phone screen, you can visit the local repair shops. You should ask your neighbors and friends, to recommend you a phone repair facility, that offer good quality maintenance of phones. It is best to get your screen replaced from a shop that uses genuine spares parts as nobody would like to have a low-quality screen on their phone.

Buy a new Phone

If you already have plans for buying a new phone, it can be the best option. Sometimes you need to replace your phone to get rid of the problems of your old device.

Yes, it can be painful to spend money to buy a new phone, but it would be inexpensive than buying a replacement and dealing with other issues in your device. If you are already planning to upgrade soon, it might be the right time to upgrade it now.

DIY repair or replacement

Some people like to repair their phone themselves. Yes, it is possible to replace the screen of your phone at home. All you need is some knowledge and tools to do the repair or replacement. Also, you need to watch some videos for the replacement of the screen of your make and model of phone.

You need tools to open your device, detach the screen and place the new screen on your phone. Following the correct procedure, you can replace the display of your device within a few hours at home.

Final Words

These are the options for replacement of cracked phone screen. You can choose an option depending on your requirements. If your phone is under the warranty period, getting the replacement by a service center is the best option.

If it is out of warranty, you can visit any reputed repair facility like phone repairs Palmerston for the replacement of the screen. Now, as you know the available options, you can select the most appropriate option for your phone.


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