Enhance the Security of Your Home, Business or Vehicle with Bullet Resistant Windows

Bullet-resistant glass, also known as bullet-proof glass is designed to look like a regular glass.  It is usually seen that high-profile individuals such as politicians, actors, and top officials prefer to install bullet resistant windows in their homes or place for security purposes. Bullet-proof glass is resistant to breakage and provides protection.

What is Bullet-resistant Glass Made Up of?

Bullet-resistant glass is usually made up of laminated tempered glass or polycarbonate thermoplastic which absorbs the energy from the blow of bullets, axes, bats and other objects that are thrown with the purpose of breaking the glass. The bullet-resistant glass can hold up against not just the bullets, but against extremely powerful weapons as well.

The Science behind Bullet-Resistant Glass

Bullet-resistant glass is basically of two types- laminated polycarbonate and solid acrylic. As the name suggests, solid acrylic is made up of a solid sheet made up of acrylic. The thickness of the sheet can be increased depending on the level of protection you require.  On the other hand, laminated polycarbonate is made by layering polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate is a heavy-duty clear plastic. When a bullet strikes, the outer covering of the polycarbonate glass will be pierced. The inner layers of the glass would absorb the energy of the bullet and prevent it from penetrating into the glass. Another common type of bullet-resistant glass, which is available on the market is- one-way bulletproof glass. This glass is made up of two layers. The outer layer of the glass is made up of brittle glass and the inner layer is made up of polycarbonate glass.  On striking, the outer layer of the glass absorbs bullet’s energy and prevents it from entering into the glass.

Advantages of Installing Bullet-Resistant Windows

Bullet Resistant Windows

  • Bullet-resistant glass is made up of polycarbonate which is more resilient than any other glazing material. It is capable of absorbing pressure and tremendous impacts without cracking.  It is nearly impossible to create bullet-resistant glass without adding polycarbonate layers.  The number one advantage of bullet-resistant glass is, it enhances safety and security.   The glass is much stronger than any other glass and can withstand a round of strikes from bullets effectively. This is the major reason why it is installed in homes, businesses or vehicles.
  • Bullet-resistant glass is widely used in financial institutions for security reasons. It is not the thickness that makes the glass bullet-resistant, but the flexibility of the multiple layers to absorb the shots and reduce their impact.
  • By installing the bullet-resistant windows at a workplace, you and your workers can have a peace of mind that they work in a safe and peaceful environment. The installation can make it difficult for the burglars to access your property without your permission.
  • Another common application of this glass is, banks or jewelry stores. Since these stores have valuable items which make burglars or thieves get attracted towards them. The installation of the bullet-resistant doors or windows can keep your valuable goods safe and secure.

Those were some of the top advantages of installing bullet-resistant windows. It is extremely important to trust the job with reliable and reputed manufacturers if you are looking to install the glass. You can start the research by looking for the reliable or reputed manufacturers that have got a solid reputation for delivering high-quality services. You can also talk to your friends or family members who might have availed similar services. Utilizing word of mouth is a good way of getting a list of trusted and reliable names.

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Installing bullet-resistant windows is one of the important decisions you are going to take in order to enhance the security of your business. Hence, the manufacturers or suppliers should be chosen correctly so that you can make a right decision.

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