Do you have it clear? When to say “I love you” for the first time

I love you

When you have a relationship, there are steps that are taking place little by little: finally, you decide to leave your toothbrush at home, then keep a pair of pajamas in your drawer for when you stay to sleep … But When it comes to saying those two words that respect us so much, things get complicated.

Saying “I love you” for the first time can be overwhelming. We always try to find out which of the two will say it first and we think that if we do it, maybe it is not the right time or he will run away.

I love you for the first time

However, to say those two magical words and to be reciprocated is one of the best sensations that exist. So, why fear that moment?

If you find yourself in this situation and you are a little nervous about it, do not worry! We give you some tips on how and when to pronounce an “I love you”, for the first time.

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How to say “I love you” in different languages
When I say “I love you”: the right moment
Maybe a good time to let go of “I love you” is when you have been dating for a few weeks, according to the intensity of your relationship. Thus, you will be sure that that feeling of the beginning, when you felt like in a cotton cloud, has calmed down a bit. By then, you probably know your partner a little better and you can already be sure if you are serious or not. When you are sure of what direction your relationship is going to take, tell it!

Love you in different language

Make sure it’s the right one
Although it is sometimes confusing, we have to learn to distinguish if what we feel for that special person is love or it is simply a good friendship. If you say “I love you ” to someone when you do not really feel it, you could confuse that person and get hurt if it turns out that he is in love with you. Think before acting!

Say it when you’re sober
This is important: telling someone “I love you” when you’ve had a few drinks over, is never a good idea. You probably want to do it, but think that it may simply be due to the euphoria of the moment. If you declare yourself drunk, you risk not being taken seriously or uncovering your feelings sooner than you really wanted.

You have to be positive

You have to be positive
What does not make sense is to say “I love you” when it is obvious that he does not feel the same, but you have to be positive and think that your partner can also feel the same as you.

A good way to know if he is also in love is to look at the small details: if he spends a lot of time with you, if he has introduced you to his friends if he has met your friends … If he shows interest in you, it will be the perfect base to build your relationship!

If you feel it, tell it

If you feel it, tell it
Confessing to your partner that you love him is very important. Those two little words have a very big meaning, that’s why it’s better not to think about it if we do not want to run away. It can be difficult to take the step, but if you feel good about it, you are experiencing emotions that you like and you are happy, why not say “I love you”? When you really feel it, there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

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