Does your partner cheat you? 7 signs of infidelity that give you away

7 signs of infidelity that give you away

Analyzing your behavior is the key to begin to suspect …

Infidelity within a couple, unfortunately, is the order of the day. Men and women: no one is saved anymore. Everyone knows someone who has been unfaithful at some time or who have suffered because their partner has cheated on them with another person. Perhaps, even you yourself have seen yourself in one of these situations. And it does not necessarily have to involve a physical factor: infidelity can also be emotional.

But what happens so that a person decides to be unfaithful to his partner? There are millions of reasons to deceive someone. From pure physical attraction to an intense emotional connection; boring people who want to reinvent themselves or even people who have fallen madly in love with someone new. Everything fits in the world of infidelity. And in the end, they suffer from each other.

If your relationship goes through a strange stage, you are uneasy and you fly with the fly behind the ear because your partner is “different” be alert because you might have met another person … You do not need to hire the best private detective to unmask an unfaithful person

1. Passion for the mobile

Passion for the mobile

The mobile can be very helpful if we want to detect if our partner may be unfaithful. It is not a matter of checking the messages and controlling the list of calls (reviewing the phone is a total breach of trust, so do not even think about it!).

Just observe your attitude with the mobile. Do you have your cell phone up to go to the bathroom? Do you constantly check if someone has called you or received a message? Delete the WhatsApp call list or chats? Do you receive messages at very “strange” times?

2. New weekly meetings

New weekly meetings

Does your partner come back home later every day alleging unforeseen work meetings? Do you over-fix when you gave little importance to appearance before? Have the meetings with friends increased? When he returns, does he detail to you where he has been, what he has drunk and with which specific friends they have been? If your answer is affirmative to all these questions, it is not to alarm you, but it is very suspicious that you try to justify any out of the ordinary … Or not?

3. More self-esteem

Does the new confidence that your partner has acquired in herself overnight come to your attention? Do you behave as if you were the new Superman? Be careful, because a new love or a sporadic relationship with another person provides a boost of self-esteem and confidence.

The compliments, the feeling of being loved, the seduction … All that boosts a person’s self – esteem … Although of course, everything can have an explanation. It may be that your partner has read a motivational book and this radical change is the result, who knows?

4. Love is no longer the same

Love is no longer the same

It may happen that suddenly you do not have as much desire to have Loved as before, that it costs more to “connect” with you or to say that you are tired … Something normal if you already have Love outside and there is another person who arouses much more interest that you

5. Elusive friends

When a person is unfaithful someone from the environment usually knows it: common friends, co-workers, brothers … For this reason, they are likely to behave strangely and tense with you for no apparent reason. They have known you for a long time and they love you: the situation is not a plate of good taste. How to behave with someone that you know is being cheated? You tell him? Do not you tell him?

6. Mysterious bills

You live together and the bills have always been in the public domain. There are no secrets and less in economic matters. Or so you thought … Suddenly there is no trace of your mobile bills? Have the accounts of your card charges disappeared? Or have you seen an unjustified expense?

7. Charges of conscience

If a person is unfaithful to his partner he usually has a different behavior. She is uneasy, disturbed and tense. Also, they get nervous and irritable if you ask them what is wrong with them and why they are so “strange”. It is totally normal, not in vain knows that you are doing something wrong and that it is hurting you. Hiding an infidelity is not an easy thing because a couple knows each other very well.

Recognize the signs of infidelity

If after reviewing our list of infidelity signs you have recognized more than one of your partner, it may be that you are cheating. But each person is unique and reacts personally to the different circumstances of life. So it may be that your partner and you are made for each other and nothing and nobody breaks your eternal honeymoon. The best? Stop reading about it on the Internet and talk with your partner.


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