First Date in Tinder: 10 Golden Rules to make it perfect

10 Golden Rules to make it perfect Tinder

A small guide to get out of your first Tinder meeting. We teach you what not to do and avoid some other blunder. The first impression counts!


It is super exciting to have a first date with someone you have not seen in person, but with whom you have already told a lot of details by chat. With our 10 golden rules for the first date of Tinder, we teach you how to get quiet and a couple of tips to avoid any possible gaffes that may arise. Who knows if one day you can be like one of these movie couples!

1. The time to stay

The time to stay
It’s been a while since you wrote, but for whatever it is, it does not tell you to see you. Then propose it to you! To be writing too much time without seeing yourself in person only leads to creating too high expectations. Better to check reality as soon as possible! And in case you’re afraid that you do not want to stay with you: at least you already know it and you’ll save yourself from losing time with your “virtual” relationship.

2. What are you really looking for?

What are you really looking for

Before you really see each other face to face, you should find out what you are looking for in some way. Are you looking for something from a night or are you initially open to something else? And what do you think: better an innocent adventure or are you looking for Don Perfecto? The more you openly share your intentions, the less likely it is that one of the two will later be disappointed. Therefore, be sincere when you ask that question!

3. The meeting point

10 Golden Rules to make it perfect
It does not matter who proposes the place to stay: in any case, for the election, there are some things to take into account. In no way remain in your house or yours, because although a link has been built by chat, you are still unknown and should not blindly trust each other. Better if you stay in a more neutral place like a cafeteria, a restaurant or a bar. Or you can go for a walk, to a museum, a market … So you can talk quietly, get to know yourself better and value everything. The first date in the cinema or in the theater may not be the best idea, because talking in these places is rather complicated. It’s also not a good idea to take your best friend. After all, it’s about you two, the rest can come later.

4. The Model

The Model
Did the first date arrive? Perfect! So now you only have to find something to wear for the occasion. A safe bet? Your favorite jeans and a shirt that fits you, or a cool dress, your new skirt, or whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable. If you feel like it, you can directly look for some sexy outfit and break something tight combined with good heels. It’s up to you!

5. Chinchin!


In case you stay at night for dinner or in a bar and you decide for a drink with alcohol, you do not have to go on the first date either. It can be great that after a drink you are more relaxed and more relaxed, but it can also be very embarrassing, that you lose your tongue and tell things that you would prefer to leave for a little later.

6. The Food

The Food
The most important rule about food on a date: please, eat what you like and not what might seem cooler. Do you fancy a salad? Then ask for one. Do you fancy a hamburger? To her! Being authentic is above throwing the pisto (although if you want a pisto, then more of the same). So you can really know yourself, right?

7. The Choice of Topics

First Date in Tinder
In principle, you can talk about what you want and what is happening at that moment. Although some other topic is better to avoid it directly. Asking for ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends or the number of appointments that have been had in Tinder only lead to one thing: disappointment. If they are important issues for you, you can speak of course of politics or religion. In fact, it may be a good sign that sparks fly relatively quickly; that does not have to be something bad, so you know the opinion of each one and whether or not you agree.

8. The Farewell

The Farewell
Deciding when the appointment is terminated depends logically on whether you liked it or not. Sometimes, unfortunately, when you meet someone you realize that he is not your type. Then, it is totally understandable if after taking something (with some excuse or being totally sincere) you say goodbye. If, on the other hand, you have loved your date, you will not mind staying a few more hours.

9. The Question of the Questions

The Question of the Questions
If the appointment has gone well surely you are waiting for one of these two questions to occur: “Will we meet again?” or “in your house or in mine?” At this moment you have to weigh the options well. If you really liked it and want to stay again, you should also tell them. If he has not convinced you and you do not want a second date at all costs, you should also make it clear so that no one can make false hopes.

As for the second question, the decision is totally up to you. Do not feel obligated to sleep with anyone on the first date, because if you are really interested in yourself, you will also be willing to stay with you more times before ending up in bed. What you want is to move forward? We will only give you one piece of advice: ALWAYS take precautions.

10. The Next Day

The Next Day
It does not matter if you wake up at home, he is yours or if the day before each one went by his side and want to see you again: tranquility! If you are truly interested in seeing you again, he will write to you. Forget “the three-day rule” and if you can not stand it, write it to yourself. If you answer, everything in order. If he does not respond, he is not interested. And then to start over again.


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