Fix: This Video is not available in your Country (Solved) is the top HD online video sharing and streaming site available online on the Internet. It has millions of Videos which uploaded and can be view all over the Globe. But some time YouTube users experience a problem” the uploader has not made this video available in your country” or might be another issue like” This video is not available in your country “.

Both informed errors arise when the ISP provider in the country as blocked the YouTube video from viewing it or the video uploader doesn’t want it to be viewed in some countries. Etc. whatever may be the reason you will not be able to watch the video as they have blocked the video, so here is the Fix to Unblock Restricted Videos online.

Fix This Video is Not available in your country Solved

Fix” the uploader has not made this video available in your country “

So to Watch Restricted Video on YouTube which is not available in your country is easy and we have Solution for you

Follow how to Fix this video is not available in your country error in your Android phone which can be made by Bypass Country Block YouTube.

Watch Restricted Videos on YouTube by Changing URL

Yes, what you read above is right, you can Access the Blocked Videos by ISP or YouTube Uploader by simply changing the YouTube URL, but how can I change the URL or Video and what is YouTube URL?

So First URL is the Link for the Video which you can see in the Address bar of your Browser, Then here comes the YouTube URL changing.

Normally the Restricted YouTube Video URL will be like””

Now replace the /v with /watch?v=

So now the Change YouTube URL be like: “”

By this way, you can unblock Restricted Videos and Watch them online.

The above method can also be used in Watch video’s in Android Phones, Smartphones, Windows Phones, etc.

The uploader has not made this video available in your country Fix with Chrome extension and Mozilla Extensions

As we have discussed above, that Up-loader doesn’t want the video to be viewed in some parts of the world or Country or You ISP as blocked it even you can watch the Restricted YouTube Video by using few Browser Extension. Bypass YouTube’s Regional Filter

Here is the list of Few Extension which can be downloaded to Watch Restricted Video

Zenmate Extension

Hola Extension

Download these Extensions in Google Chrome or Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox and Install them. These Extension helps you to change the IP Address of your Browser (or System) and you can access Videos which are Restricted.

Access Video which is Not Available in Your Country using VPN in Android

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a Private internet Network that can be established or you can have online access for Free or Premium.  VPN’s can be the good sources the Watch Not Available Videos in the Country. Also, this video is not available in your country error in your Android phone can be fixed using this method.

Get Some VPN Like

Droid VPN

Hola VPN

PD Proxy

The above are the List of VPN’s which you can download and a few more free VPN’s will be updated here. Download the VPN to your system and or your Mobile Phones and then Start Watching the Restricted YouTube videos

Unlock YouTube video not available error using Proxy Sites

Proxy sites or Proxy are the servers that make us connect to YouTube. You can change the Proxy address of your System to access YouTube Video. Proxy or VPN are nearly similar but have some changes. List of Proxy sites to Watch YouTube Videos.



Also, you can Google for” Free Proxy sites” and using then you can Unblock and Watch Videos.

Note: Using VPN or Proxy to Watch YouTube video Blocked in Country can be Slow

Watch YouTube Restricted Videos by Downloading Videos

This method is to Watch YouTube Video after Downloading and it can be done with a simple Process. There are few online YouTube Downloading sites like, Dirpy, etc.

Open any of the mentioned sites

Copy and Paste the YouTube URL which is not available in your Country in Saveform or Dirly or any other site you get on the Internet

Then you can download YouTube Video Blocked and can watch the Video

But the Above process can be tedious if the Video is too long… and also you can search for a few more Online YouTube Downloading sites on Google.

Comment down if you experience any issues while Fix error of YouTube video not available in the Country.

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