Garrincha – an artist with curved legs who didn’t care at all right away

He had (at least) 14 children with different women and drank himself at the age of 49, but Garrincha shone on the football field as brightly as life burned. He just couldn’t do it any differently. 

  • 2x World Champion (1958 and 1962)
  • World Cup Best Player (1962)
  • World Cup Best Goalkeeper (1962)
  • 3x Campeonato Carioca winner (1957, 1961, 1962) with Botafogo
  • 50 games and 12 goals for the Brazilian team

The biggest achievement of the right-wing shine in the two World Cup finals was something that is not expressed in numbers – delighting people. The Brazilians loved Garrinchat despite all his mistakes, because on the football field he fixed things with the ball that no one else could. And this has not been said by a smart specialist, but by Pele himself. When the two of them played, Brazil never lost.

A footballer who had no hot or cold football

Maracana remembers one undeniable black day. The history of Brazil (football) remembers. Nearly 200,000 people had gathered at the quail sanctuary to witness their first world championship title, a draw would have been enough for them in the decisive game against Uruguay. But Alcides Ghiggia silenced these people and shattered a dream that Brazilians had embraced in brainstorming. Or by the way, the gold medals were already engraved!

However, this national catastrophe did not upset 17-year-old Garrinchat. Not even a gram. He was fishing during the final, and when he returned he did not understand why people have suddenly become so sad.

Maybe the thing was, he never had to become a footballer. If you were born with a curved spine and a right foot six centimeters shorter (with the left foot looking out and the right inward), you could really logically assume that sports may not be your bread number. But take your finger.

Hailing from the industrial town of Pau Grande, Garrincha went to work at the age of 14 because his alcoholic father did not support his family. His commitment to football was largely limited to everyday play for the factory team. Training was not for him.

He had no agent, he was not interested in money or contracts. He drank – Garrinchale tasted cachaca , a Brazilian rum, just like Daddy – even a drink. And if they didn’t drink, they hid the bonus of the World Cup title with their wife under the children’s mattress. When it was remembered years later, the money had become rotting pulp with the help of urine.

But eight years after that memorable day at Maracana, it was Garrincha who finally brought happiness to the Brazilian courtyard. And when in 1958 he shared the brilliance of the spotlights with Pel, four years later his younger colleague ended the tournament injury, which meant that Garrinch became the winning team A and O.

Not that tension has ever been a distraction. After the first World Cup final, he didn’t understand why his teammates were celebrating – Garrincha thought that, like the league format, everyone would have to play twice to determine the winner. If he didn’t manage such details, it’s not worth dreaming of listening to the coaches’ instructions.

“He was not a player who would run 80 meters,” explained Brazil football expert Tim Vickery. “He ran a little. Stop. Ran a little. Stop. Ran a little. Stop. Very often he was covered by two or three men, but they never went after him at once. It was a bit like a Bruce Lee movie where you first get one on the body and only then will the next one approach. ”

And yet the same locker room for the Maracana home team is now called Garrincha. Guests have … Pele.

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