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Give Your Retail Business a Boost with These Top Rated POS Systems

You already know that the right point of sale system can drive tremendous growth for your business. The question is, which system should you go with? You’ve listed the features you want and have a budget range, but a decent number of choices remain. Here’s a look at top-rated POS software and hardware to help guide your decision.

Booker: The Booker POS functions like a mini cash register, offering the compact and customizable solutions that are necessary for retail stores. It accepts various payment methods, including EMV chip with PIN or signature, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. For even more flexibility, you can hook up a cash drawer accessory.

Clover: The clover flex is a mobile device that can be especially useful if your retail store employees should have their POS with them at all times or if they travel often to trade shows, fairs, festivals and other community events to sell your products. It features wireless 3G and WiFi connections.

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It can be a good decision to go with a Merchant Account Solutions clover pos system such as the Booker or Flex. Clover is good for stores with both a physical and online presence, and you can get a free trial along with support around the clock. Clover serves all business sizes.

Square: This company makes a POS app and sells hardware such as registers, terminals and readers. Like the Clover systems, the Square offerings have a bundle of features that enable you to track sales in real time, track inventory and keep your line of customers moving quickly. It accepts all major credit cards and major contactless pay methods. You can pay for items such as the register in one lump sum or in installments over 24 months.

Lightspeed: If your retail inventory is especially complicated, then you may want to explore Lightspeed. You can add details such as color, size and style to the system, and you can import products from pre-loaded catalogs. Lightspeed sells hardware such as cash drawers and receipt printers, and the system is run on desktop computers and iPads.

Epos Now: If you want to keep training to a minimum, Epos Now could be the system for you. Your employees can start use within 15 minutes, and it works with standard barcode scanners, receipt printers and other equipment. However, customer support can be limited depending on your plan, but the system supports all business sizes.

So, there you have the recommended systems depending on which business needs you most prioritize. Clover is great for online and in-person integration, and products such as the Flex can make your system tremendously mobile. If you want a full-size cash register, then Square could be a good system. Otherwise, the Booker mini functions as a small cash register.

Epos Now could mean the least headaches if you don’t want to spend lots of time in training and if you have POS equipment you’re not ready to let go of. Meanwhile, Lightspeed can be good for stores with complex inventories. Contact each company that interests you (if you have not already), and get free trials or demos.

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