How Can You Maintain a Toned Figure without Working Out

How Can You Maintain a Toned Figure without Working Out

Lazy, lazy, and very lazy. There! I just described myself in three words!

While it may sound funny to many, the extra pounds that I gained because of my laziness was not funny. I wanted to shed off the extra layers of fat that were a part of my body but the lazy me could not convince herself to hit the gym. My friends (read: foes) would laugh at my size and won’t let go of a chance to pass a mean comment. Once I was talking to Spectrum’s sales representative when my friend barged into my room. Apparently, she had come to spend some ‘quality’ time with me. As soon as I mentioned Spectrum Double Play bundle to the representative inquiring about its prices, my friend started laughing hysterically. ‘Even your internet package comes in bundles,’ she said while she snorted with laughter. It was at that very moment that I decided to embark on a journey to lose weight and maintain a toned figure thereafter.

I succeeded in doing so. And guess what? I did not go to the gym a single day. Here’s how…

Chew slowly

I had always read about how chewing slowly helped you reduced weight but had found it hilarious at the same time. I mean come to think of it, doesn’t it sound funny that to lose weight one should adopt the habit of eating patiently? Although I used to laugh at this concept at first, that was the first habit I adopted when I decided to lose weight and have a toned figure. According to studies, eating slowly decreases your chances of becoming obese by 42 percent. Eating slowly tricks your body into feeling fuller that decreases your food intake in the long run. And gradually you shift to smaller portions of meals.

So, next time you sit to have a meal with your family, make sure you are the last one to finish it.

Hello protein, my new friend

Add proteins to your diet. Protein is said to have powerful effects on your appetite. They do so by making you feel fuller which means that you will be satisfying your appetite with fewer calories than you would actually consume. Foods that are rich in protein include (but are not restricted to) chicken breasts, Greek yogurt, almonds, fish, and lentils. Not to forget eggs that are another rich source of proteins.

I would suggest that you replace the carbs and fats in your meals with proteins as much as you can. You will thank me later.

Fiber-rich foods

It is a proven fact that whole grains are lower in calories than the high-fat foods. Moreover, when you consume fiber-rich food, it gives you feelings of satiety. This happens because fiber forms a gel when it comes in contact with water in your body. This gel, in turn, increases the nutrient absorption time that slows the process of emptying the stomach. In short, fiber stay in your stomach longer than any other food would. And as it stays in the body for a prolonged period of time, you won’t feel the need to munch that often. You know what happens when you munch less.

Consume a lot of water

Apart from keeping you hydrated and giving you a fresh look, water helps you lose weight as well. How? you ask? Well, when you consume water before your meal, it pretty much occupies that space in your stomach that you had saved for food. This, in turn, reduces your hunger. And that means you will end up consuming a smaller portion of a meal than usual. It is recommended that you drink half a liter of water at least 30 minutes before having your meal.

Say NO to electronic distractions

If you pay attention to what you are eating rather than ‘Facebooking’ while you are eating, you will consume fewer calories. People who watch TV, browse the internet or play video games while they are eating, tend to lose track of how much have they eaten. This can result in overeating. Not just this, absentmindedness has been linked to consuming more calories later in a day as well. You do not want that for yourself, do you? Well, most certainly not. Hence, I request all of you to keep the mobile aside for as long as you are having your meal. The Facebook newsfeed can be viewed later!

Take your beauty sleep

Yes, it is important.

A lack of sleep has been linked to messing up the appetite-regulating hormones in your body. If these hormones fluctuate, you are more likely to feel hungry. The alarming part is that a fluctuation in these hormones also elevates the craving for unhealthy food (God knows the science behind this one). And consuming unhealthy food will turn your figure into anything but a toned one.

Hence, take 6-8 hours of sleep daily.

Talking of sleep has made me sleepy. Although it’s not that late at night, I feel like snoozing off for a bit. But I know I won’t. I would blame this on the Spectrum customer service that allow me to binge watch unlimited shows all night. So, while I relish watching another season, you guys enjoy toning your body!

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