How to budget trip in Udaipur?

View of Udaipur city from City Palace in Rajasthan, India

If you have short of money, there is an abundance of activities to do in Udaipur that don’t need you to spend a lot of bucks on them. Udaipur trip at reasonable prices which all comprise traveling through all spectacular scenes from the summit palace of Sajjan Garh or journeying beside the banks of the Fateh Sagar River &mdash there’s an endless list of activities that will always keep you eventful for days. A breathtaking site that conceits itself on grand fortresses, deluxe hotels, and a stately ancient, Udaipur wonders you with great experiences that don’t charge even a coin. From holy shrines and ponds to havelis and palaces, here are some of the capital’s most renowned trips for tourists within a budget.

There are lots of things to view in Udaipur that any traveler really feels the need to visit another destination in Rajasthan. The interrogation of how to journey Udaipur at low cost than great responses by its notable points of attraction, and the other native familiarities that make it one of the most popular sites in India.

Udaipur Trip

Let’s do a cost-effective journey to Udaipur, a city that has many things offer further than its captivating lagoons and palaces.

  1. Travel

An outstanding vacation planning to Udaipur, since you might have believed previously. The period moving towards to the genuine tour is one occupied with great enthusiasm and vigor. Thus, once we have begun the travel planning, we imagined there are numerous ways to visit Udaipur from our native place.

Train: From Udaipur you won’t get any direct trains from Pune to Udaipur, hence, this alternative was smashed off the list direct at the start. With only around 4 days available, we didn’t even wish to spend 2 days in an only express trip. You can also book your train using IRCTC Train Booking with great discount.

Udaipur Tourist

Bus: This means of transportation, in spite of being cost-effective, didn’t completely fit our plan because of the journey time – nearly 19 hours, one way.

Car: This was one choice that was actually thinking deeply. The trip from Pune to Udaipur is enjoyment, and it takes around 14 hours of driving time. But rather than it got the perfect of us, we hark back each other of our time crux.

Flights: To soar to Udaipur. But regrettably, there are no direct flights from Pune to Udaipur any.

  1. Accommodation/Lodging

When planning an excursion to Udaipur, you should take some enough time to turn out your lodging first.

From hotels and tiny Havelis that charge some thousand Rupees for every single night to impressive old palaces that charge as concerns as INR 1000, Udaipur has many things to do for all and sundry!

Being the voyagers that we are, we also desired to have a flavor of both universes to get a unique experience as many of Udaipur’s magnificence as likely. However, the great challenge was to lodge that inside our modest financial plan. Thus, we came to a decision to spend 3 out of the 4 days at a relatively inexpensive hotel, and one last day preferably at one of the abundant palaces transformed into a hotel.

  1. Local Transportation

There are 4 potential modes of traveling which you should remember while planning a tour to Udaipur.

  • Hire a taxi from a travel agent for a secure or hourly charge
  • Take public transport like Auto-rickshaws & buses
  • Pick up a self-driven car from Myles
  • Book a taxicab from Ola as and when you require
  1. Sight-seeing

At this moment, this is rather that completely relies on you and how you really adorn your outings must be. Some might wish to travel all key tourist spots, though others could wish to shield only not many, or nothing of any kind. Here is a short list of remarkable destinations you may wish to see, and the budgets related to them.



City Palace – INR 250 per head with INR 250 per camera (for Indians)

Bagore ki Haveli – INR 90 per head plus INR 150 per camera (only for the puppet show in the evening)

Jagdish Temple – Free

Jag Mandir Palace – INR 700 per head (for the boat ride to and from the palace)

  1. Food

An incredible journey to Udaipur can never be done without a comment of its wide-ranging mouthwatering cuisines. It is imperative to be conscious that food possibly has a great influence on the right budget. This is a flexible factor that mainly depends on your particular flavors and favorites. We mainly choose to tang local food and eat at eateries which are famous amid inhabitants. Our complete food charge for the complete tour came to about INR 5000, without breakfasts. In addition to this you can easily order food online at discounted prices using Swiggy Offers Today.

Major Takeout for Planning a Trip to Udaipur


Now move further and begin planning an excursion to Udaipur. Of course, you’ll relish this one constantly! No matter where you originate from, Udaipur is certain to fit you into its own structure of things. In addition that’s the genuine exquisiteness of a city overflowing with royals, sumptuousness, and self-effacement all at once.


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