How to make it last forever 10 tips to keep love

How to make it last forever? 10 Tips to Keep Love

If you think you have found that special person you want to be your inseparable companion in this journey that is life, take note of these ideas.

Tell them what you want

It does not fail, the more we are in love, the more afraid we are that it ends. It is a normal feeling and it happens to almost everyone. And nobody wants the good to end, right? If you are with that special person and you think it may be the final one, you know what they say: love, like plants, you have to water it every day. Therefore, in order for your relationship to go smoothly, read carefully these 10 tips to preserve love.

1. Accept your humanity
When we are in the period of falling in love, we see the other perfect person, as the woman or the ideal man we have been looking for. But, little by little, we realize that this is not the case, and however wonderful the other person may be, we all have, besides our virtues, our faults, because we are human and we have to accept them and love ourselves, for if we accept our own humanity, we will accept that of the other.

2. Do not try to change

Space and meeting
Relationships are established from the most genuine part of us and when we feel accepted, we also feel loved. However, when someone sees how they try to change him, he may feel that he is not completely loved. The consequence that this produces is that the relationships distance themselves. Trying to change the other is impossible, and a waste of time and energy. Because a change can only be initiated when one is really determined to do so, and not because they are told or desired by other people.

3. Never force you to choose between something you want or like a lot and you
Forcing a person to stay away from something or deprive himself of something he loves or wants, is almost to sign the death sentence in a relationship. When we do not support what he or she likes so much, to the point of not being able to live with it, it would be better for us to leave. If, on the other hand, we put that person to choose, two things can happen, which is that he chooses what we do not want and leaves, or that he deprives himself of what he is passionate about and always remembers how he was put between the sword and the wall to leave it, which will become reproaches, sadness, etc. in the future.

4. Listen, keep quiet and respect problems with family or friends
A very simple way to avoid conflicts is not to comment on family or friends of others. We should never do it even if they ask us to. We can see in the tessitura of a conflict between our partner and another person, with whom this has some emotional bond. On many occasions, before this, we have to listen and remain silent. Because the feelings you have with that person, with your family or with your friends, will only be understood by him, or by her. And it can be difficult for others to understand from the outside. For this reason, he or she can forgive, ignore, etc., something that you think you would never do. This situation must be respected, and our opinion against it will not have any positive effect on the relationship.

5. Put yourself in the place of the other and prioritize mutual respect
How many arguments would be avoided, if we learned to put ourselves in the place of the other person, to understand why someone says what they say, why they act in a certain way and respect it. People can always come to an understanding, even if it seems impossible if we make an effort to try to understand their point of view. On the discussions or disagreements, it is also important that these are always between the two, without linking others or in the presence of third parties.

6. Space and meeting
Giving everyone their space is necessary, each couple will decide how it will be, depending on their way of being. Some will understand how to spend a weekend alone with their friends, others to go a few hours to the gym, even others to live in different houses.All will be fine, provided that both agree on how that space should be and be comfortable. As important as this, is to look for common activities, hobbies that you both like, and that allow you to have a fun time, doing together something that you enjoy a lot.

7. Dedicate time
Many times we are looking for children, family, colleagues, friends … and we forget our partner. We think that since he is always there, and how we live with him or her, he always will be. But this is not so, and therefore we have to find a time each day, to talk about how it has gone, what we are thinking, our plans, if there is something that worries us or we are wishing it to happen, etc. Always from the positive point of view, highlighting the good things that have happened to us during the day. Also interested in your mood and not take for granted that if something felt, I would tell you. Nothing happens, to ask from time to time, with a smile, something of the style to ┬┐are you happy? do you feel good? …

8. Tell them what you want
How important are the words and the way we have to talk to each other? When someone loves you, it shows and shows itself with many actions, but it does not hurt, that the feelings are also expressed. Tell your partner that you love him, never spare, even if he knows and is sure of it. In the same way, it is also important to use positive language, highlight its virtues, be fulfilled and smile. Here are some ideas to do it in an original way.

9. See you as a team
Support, be clear that you form a team, that if the two row in the same direction, things will go very well, the opposite of what will happen if each one pulls to one side. For this, it is important not to generate tension, or try to push the other to the limit, and if you are in a moment of misunderstanding, it is better that you let go of any matter until both of you are calm. It is also essential not to make important decisions until the situation calms down and each one has understood the point of view of the other.

10. Try to never stop surprising you
Having details as small as they are, is always something that is appreciated, but when they are not expected. In detail, I am not referring to gifts or material things, but I mean gestures or actions, with which you can show your feelings, and that cost nothing, but have a great impact on the happiness of the other person.

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