I want to try! Tips for a couple to keep a good relationship 10


Even my favorite partner will come and see something if you go out with me. There are many different people and there are many things to think “that?” So there are ten things that two people should try to keep a good relationship from the American version. Each one is small, but it is very important to show each other ‘s attitude towards each other!


1 . Turn off the smartphone and set up only two people

Even though they should have tea at the cafe together, there is no conversation, only mutuals are muttering their own smart …. If you are a long couple, the time you are with is too common, often notice that they do not face each other properly. Try turning off the power of the smartphone for both of you and setting up time to speak firmly.

2 . Cook together

It’s healthy, of course it’s saving, but it’s good to be able to do something together “naturally! If you are just beginning a relationship, chances are you can also know the taste of the other’s food.

3 . Make opportunities to meet each other’s friends

Friends from before meeting partners are an important part of your life. So if he can get along with his friends, he should be glad. Opportunities to go out together will increase, and those that can share will also increase with Gun, happiness also doubles.

4 . To date more

In the case of a long-couple-long couple or two living together, it is customary to stay in a house (or living together) with each other too much, and it seems to me that “even if we do not bother” to date “…” . However, by going out together, there is new discovery and refreshing feeling also. It costs money to go out, but you can taste the feeling of dating just by taking a walk in the neighborhood. By walking with hands together, the feeling of pounding may revive !?

5 . The time of one person is also important

If it is a lot of couples who are together, it is also important to have time to act with each other alone. Because the two are different people, it is natural that there is a space that can not be stepped on. If you can go drinking with colleagues at work, go shopping alone, and respect each other ‘s time freely, you should be able to maintain a balanced relationship.

6 . Use a fight

When communication is insufficient, it tends to fight. In such a case, think of it as a good opportunity to honestly discuss each other ‘s feelings, not to shout at emotion. It is going to be a step towards a good relationship by communicating feelings firmly.

7 . Make a hobby that you can do together

He likes sports, but, if anything, I am Indian. In the case of a couple who does not have a common hobby, why not start thinking about what you can do together? Two people gathered in the classroom, participated in the event. Common topics will increase with Gun and the quality of time you can spend together may change.

8 . I am also interested in partner’s hobby

Continuation of ” 7 “. It is good to start something together, but we should also respect each other’s hobbies. Even if I can not play together, I have not seen much movies so far though I go to watching, but I guess this movie will be able to go with me. By trying from a part that is likely to be shared, there is a possibility that interest will gradually come out.

9 . I go to a place I have never been before once a month

By going together to a place where none of them have been, we can share the excitement and the bonds between the two will also be strengthened. There are various ways to enjoy traveling, as well as new restaurants, shops you wanted to visit, even in familiar places. Maybe I can not wait for the “new experience” once a month?

10 . I will try to find a TV program that is going to be hooked up together

Once you find it, you can share your time easily. Either drama or variety, anything is okay, but it is important for both of us to think “I want to see it every week”. If you look at it together you will naturally play the following conversation! The more scenes that can be shared by just two people and the more “that story” increase, the closer you get to familiarity


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