India tour to Land of King (Maharajas) Rajasthan

rajasthan travel guide

Around Rajasthan the India of the Maharajas and fairytale palaces among the most beautiful in the world

Rajasthan is the heart of the opulent and opulent India of the Maharajas, India of the breathtaking palaces, of that India which is in the collective imagination of all lovers of the East. To enter the soul of real India and to get its essence, a Rajasthan tour is the best way to do it. Recently, a very special tour was organized aboard the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, a very expensive train from $ 2,000 per night per person including a boat ride and a camel ride so as not to miss anything.

Rajasthan is a north-western state of India and is what all travelers prefer because it includes the most interesting stages from the point of view of history, folklore, architecture and Indian culture. The 10-day tour leaves Delhi with a flight to Bikaner. Once a caravan stop, it hosts one of the most beautiful buildings in the area, the Juganarh Fort. Composed of red sandstone, it is majestic and finely decorated and the panorama from the top of the fort is incomparable. The historical importance of this place is that it has never been conquered by the invaders.

The next stop is Jaisalmer, the so-called golden city once part of the Silk Road and dotted with ancient luxury houses known as haveli. Among the most famous are the Patwon-ki-haveli and the Salim Sangh-ki-haveli. Do not miss a visit to the fort of the city and the abandoned village of Kuldhara. Continuing we meet the city of Johdpur also called the blue city because of the color of its houses. Here the monuments to visit are many starting from Meherangarh, the majestic city fort, with its seven gates, the museum and the palaces among which the Palazzo del Fiore stands out. Decorated with a mixture of gold leaf, glue and bovine urine.

A stop at Sardargarh is absolutely obligatory. It is not possible to miss the opportunity to visit the fort, a very special building that stands on the hill. One of its parts is shaped like a yacht and seems to float on the sea. A true gem of local architecture.

Once in Udaipur, the Venice of the East, it is worth going to the elephant back to Amber Fort and the Palace of the Winds. The Rajasthan tour is almost over but you cannot say that you were there if you do not visit the famous Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the modern world built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of the young wife who died prematurely.

Travel Tips for First Time Traveler

If you plan to travel to India for the first time, here are some tips to make your visit as unpleasant as possible. Prepare yourself from the start:

We often forget about the brilliant part of the country, which is experiencing rapid technological progress, as well as trying to improve the safety of women and increase job opportunities. As in any journey, it is wrong to compare the reality of that place with its origin. It is therefore advisable to be flexible compared to their plans but, above all, to expectations. You must put yourself in the shoes of the locals and try to understand non-verbal communication as well.

No disappointment is allowed: it will be an alternative way of living experiences. If you are not traveling with a tour operator, it is preferable to make a detailed plan of your itinerary, especially not to be at the last minute without tickets for local transport, which disappears at the speed of light. The same is true to save some money by taking advantage of the offers in advance.


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