It was good to stop … the girl nine people met “The Man of the Red Light”


Even if there is somewhat uncomfortable feeling when you meet someone you care about, are there many people who keep going out with ignoring danger signals, “Because it is a great encounter?” And when it was completely collapsed, “I thought that he was a bit strange” as I thought ….

In the American version, the girls who had such experiences shared the episode “I wish I knew it sooner!” It is also important to learn from past failures, but it may be better to keep track of the avoidable paths in advance if possible.


1 . “Partners always said that they wanted to live a life that was freed from everything.I do not want anyone to know whereabouts, but I do not want you to write about me, someday I will suddenly trip on my journey someday I always talked that I wanted to go out, one night I found his mother on Facebook , so I followed him and found out that he had three children and a former wife. I did not hear about such a story at all from him.If you think that the partner you are dating for a long time kept secret the important things, I already doubt everything … ”

2 . “I often laughed at my boyfriend who was dating a college occasion, to laugh at my fashion sense … It was a danger signal when I think about it now.When I wear my first favorite jeans, it looks like” MC Hammer’s pants ” “Laughing and putting a deep red lipstick, I was told” I’m scared because I am scared. “I changed fashion and makeup considerably so that I would not be disliked by him. Incidentally, , I put a deep red lipstick everyday. ”

3 . ” Every time I talk to my parents they talked about being diverted or recently being told that they are busy recently and since then they have been told that they are not going to be impatient for a while, It was almost impossible for me to see each other’s friends, I suppose that I would normally think that they want to connect with each other in various ways … ”

4 . “The first red light was that he was lying about his age, he finally revealed that he was ten years older than I at the third date, and I was a man When I was jealous of being talking with my friends and knew that a colleague’s man sent me home by car one day, I was ignored for the entire day.The lack of such trust, constant anxiety I wish I knew the sign of the feeling more quickly … After all I witnessed him having love with another girl and the relationship is over ”

5 . “It seems to me that I started dating after only three months with him who came back to my parents house separately from my ex-wife who was married for five years now.There was not much rethinking about divorce, but I There was a lot of bondage that the other men should not see them.It is that people tries to desperately do a lid to the pain of their own heart, but the true “opponent of fate” It may be what appears after the pain of the past has healed neatly ”

6 . “At first I was a friend, I gradually began to be aware of each other as a further existence, I think that there is no particular problem in itself, but in fact he had a long distance relationship at that time, I gradually began to negotiate comments such as “I can not get out” or “She was more ambitious like my own.” Finally, the two got separated and I was related to him In the end I was also hurried in a few weeks of things, when I was dating her, I often said that I like to date with me, I like her, but she As soon as I broke up with a single, I felt a burden on myself ”

7 . ” I did not fight most of the time, in most cases he broke open and accepted my affairs, but I did not make any effort to change, but he also tolerated I think that there were a lot of things I was doing but it was too cowardly that I did not have the courage to face me with that thing and I found out that I was e-mailing with other girls during that time. It would be better for him to be looking for a kosokoso escape way behind than to make efforts to face each other and improve relationships, or on the contrary ”

8 . “I was too ignorant about gas lighting (a kind of psychological abuse). When I started dating, I talk about what I feel uneasy about (in relation to him) There is nothing wrong with the fact that I am bothered by such a thing itself, the conversation goes in that direction absolutely he is not bad, everything was my fault at all times. I should be respected, and I wish I knew earlier that somebody would not have to endure saying “silent” or “silent” ”

9 . “Because I lived about an hour apart, I could only meet once or twice a month with him, approaching to schedule a date on the weekend or checking his schedule It was always said that “I will contact you again later.” Because of that, I did not get to spend time with my friends quite often, so when I was to meet you, I was two people clearly When I go to the meeting place with the intention of spending, I have already started drinking with other friends almost always … Even if I come, I chatted with my friends and did not look at my feelings. ” age)


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