Luggage Sets Shopping Tips – How to Choose the High Quality Luggage Sets


It is widely acknowledged that luggage sets are the best choice for people who are planning to travel with families or friends. The luggage is practical and larger enough to hold your belongings; you need not carry lots of handbags or a plastic bags, etc. Above all, most of the luggage sets are wheeled, which can make your trip convenient and labor-saving. But how would you know which luggage to choose? The following easy guidelines are available for your reference.

Quality and Durability

High quality luggage sets will be durable. The broken luggage set on the trip will get you into trouble. Before you purchase a luggage set, you had better make it clear whether the materials are bulletproof. In general, most of the materials used for the luggage sets are waterproof, but not all of them are durable and hard enough for the bullet.

The canvas and leather sets are preferred because they are bulletproof and can keep the things you packed inside protected well. Moreover, if your budget allows, you can go for some well-known brand, such as, Heys USA, Diane von Furstenberg, and Samsonite, which can guarantee you reliable quality.

Take the Price into Consideration

Luggage sets come with various price ranges. When you are considering buying a luggage set, you should not be fooled by the price. Generally speaking, the average price of the luggage sets is between $120 and $250. Luggage sets within this price range are reliable.

Just as what I have mentioned above, going for some famous brands will be safer. That does not mean you should choose a set with a daunting price, say over $350. Some discount stores and second-hand market which sell used luggage sets or sets at a discount rate can be good choices.

Purchasing luggage set online is not a bad choice. Compared with the prices in the real market, the rates of those online stores are quite low.


There are a variety of luggage sets in the market from different companies. When choosing a luggage set, you will be used in many years to come. If you choose a luggage set that is inconvenient for you, you will rarely use it. In order to make your luggage set smoothen your travel, you had better choose a luggage set according to the following tips:

  1. Take a look at the wheels, because the wheel can be the big feature of the luggage set. Make sure the wheels encourage motion.
  2. Test the bags in the stores before you decide to buy them. When you test the luggage, you will know which one suits you best. Meanwhile, the handles and the slings can be tested.
  3. Choose a properly sized luggage set. If there are many family members in your house, you may need to choose a big sized one which can cater to your demands.

Tips for You to Purchase a New Luggage Set Online

It is known to all that the prices of any products in the online stores are quite low and attractive.

The luggage set is not an exception. However, there is a drawback of online shopping for customers. They cannot see the real products which they are going to buy. So, in order to buy reliable and high quality luggage set online, you had better follow the tips below that might help you get a satisfactory and high-class luggage set.

Take a Close Look at the Pictures

Not only look at one picture of the luggage, but you also need to see more pictures which are taken from a different angle. You should try your best to make sure that the colors of the bag in different pictures are the same because lighting can change the tons of colors. Whether the luggage set has been photographed with a flash or not is quite important.

Find out the Materials of the Luggage Set

The polyester fabric is the major material used for the luggage sets. You had better pay more attention to the denier grad of the bag to measure its durability and quality. Denier is a reflection of the fineness of polyester fabric and nylon, which can help you know whether the luggage is highly resistant to wear and tear.

However, the denier grad is not always equal to a high level of durability. The kind of polyester fabric and nylon used to make the bag is much more important.

Wheel Materials Are of Much Importance

Never choose a luggage set with plastic wheels. There are two reasons accounting for that. First, when your luggage set is fully stuffed or heavily loaded, the plastic wheels will be broken easily. Secondly, the service life of those plastic wheels is shorter than the rubber wheels. I believe you would not want to end up carrying your luggage instead of rolling it.

Know More about the Features of the Luggage Set

The size, as well as the shape, is the things you need to notice when you look for a bag on the internet. You may be wondering how many external and internal pockets there are in the luggage set and how heavy it is. You can get the answers to these questions from the sellers as well as the pictures shown on the web.


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