McAfee ESM for Automatic Enrichment and Incident Response

McAfee ESM

SIEMs are generally considered the brains of an employer, supplying actual-time collection, enrichment, and logging of information throughout a variety of resources. but, taking this biological analogy further, a brain’s actionable capabilities are confined without a nerve device to carry out the orders. during the last few years, security automation and orchestration tools have fulfilled this cause, functioning in live performance with SIEMs to enable SOC readiness throughout the incident lifecycle.


Demisto has effective integrations with a bunch of SIEM platforms. In this article, we are able to undergo Demisto’s bi-directional integration with McAfee ESM and a few illustrative use instances that highlight user blessings. McAfee ESM Activate to visit website to Successfully Activated.


Users can now combine the records visibility, correlation, and danger intelligence capabilities of McAfee ESM with the security orchestration and automation functions of Demisto to obtain rich, multi-supply context and extended incident response.


Integration features:

  • Ingest and triage alert records from McAfee ESM into Demisto agency.
  • Trigger particular playbooks in Demisto in reaction to acquire extra data approximately McAfee ESM alerts and to reply to these indicators.
  • Leverage masses of Demisto product integrations to in addition enhance McAfee ESM Indicators and coordinate reaction across safety features.
  • Run thousands of instructions (inclusive of for McAfee ESM) interactively through a ChatOps interface at the same time as taking part with different analysts and Demisto’s chatbot.




Computerized incident ingestion and reaction:


If a security analyst uses exclusive solutions for occasion logging and the investigation moves respectively, it may be difficult to tune the lifecycle of an incident due to flitting between monitors, fragmented information.



If SOCs use McAfee ESM as a SIEM and Demisto company for security orchestration and automation respectively, they can trigger movements for precise alert kinds in McAfee ESM to create an incident and cause a playbook in Demisto. This playbook will orchestrate investigation actions across the suite of merchandise that a SOC uses – inclusive of danger feeds, endpoint answers, price ticket control, and malware evaluation in a single screen and seamless workflow.



Demisto playbooks and investigation toolkits can collect extra statistics needed for triage and backbone of McAfee ESM alerts. Analysts get a comprehensive view of the incident’s lifecycle, can access documentation from an unmarried source, and forego the need to exchange between monitors even as performing investigation movements.

To examine greater about our McAfee ESM integration, study the solution brief

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Interactive, real-time investigation for complicated threats:


Even as standardized, repeatable playbooks can automate commonly achieved tasks to ease analyst load, an assault investigation typically calls for extra duties along with pivoting from one suspicious indicator to some other to acquire critical proof, drawing relations between incidents, and finalizing resolution. jogging these instructions traps analysts in a display-switching cycle at some stage in research and a documentation-chasing cycle after investigations stop.



After going for walks enrichment playbooks, analysts can then gain extra visibility and new actionable records about the assault by means of jogging McAfee Antivirus instructions inside the Demisto battle Room. for instance, if playbook consequences throw up alert details, analysts can fetch fields and case info for the one’s alerts, get person lists, or search the ESM database for specific facts. Analysts also can run commands from different protection gear in actual-time the use of the struggle Room, making sure an unmarried-console view for cease-to-quit investigation.

The struggle Room will report all analyst moves and suggest the handiest analysts and command-sets with time.



The battle Room allows analysts to fast pivot and run particular commands applicable to incidents of their community from a common window. All collaborating analysts can have complete undertaking-level visibility of the procedure and be able to run and report instructions from the identical window. they may also save you the need for collating statistics from a couple of resources for documentation.


We are hoping you discovered this integration assessment beneficial. To explore Demisto in extra element, you may get admission to the free network edition below.


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