Must Read: Here Are Some Awesome Advantages Of Dating An Engineer!

  1. Engineers can fix anything
    Have anything broken in your house ? Engineers (of any branch) will always find a way to fix those things for you. You won’t need a repairman for anything in your life again !
  2. Calm in high-pressure environmentThey are tuned to work within deadlines and therefore are habitual to work in a high-pressure environment. They won’t get  frustrated easily when they have excess work load.
  3. Great problem solving skillsEngineers have a solution for every problem. This skill of theirs is helpful in a relationship when facing a problem. No matter how big the conflict is, they will always find a way to solve it.
  4. They love planningThey love planning out things. After all that is one of the top most things they have learnt during their time in college. Be assured that they have already planned your future together in their minds !
  5. Engineers are honestThey will always accept their mistakes if it is their fault. The problem of not accepting mistakes will never arise in your relationship from his side.
  6. They know how to compromise

Their years in engineering college has taught them the value of compromise. They know that a little adjustment can go a long way. He will know the importance of compromise in his relationship.

7. They are super convincers !

They are good at convincing people. Sit back and watch him convince your parents for your marriage.

8. Engineers never complain about foodAn engineer will never find any faults in your cooking. Hostel days have taught them to eat every type of food (even the burnt food, trust me!). They can survive on maggi all their lives ! They will gobble anything you cook like it is the yummiest thing they ever ate in their lifetime.

9. They are punctualHaving completed and submitted assignments at the last moment has taught them the importance of every second. You can be assured that they will value your time and be punctual.

10. They are up to date with all the technologiesEngineers know all the latest trending technologies and will help you keep up with all the latest technologies, softwares and gadgets. Want to buy a new phone or TV ? They would know the best options in your budget.

11. They are dedicated

Engineers do not have any issues to give commitment. If they accept a task they give their heart and soul to complete it with perfection. They will always give heir 100% to the relationship.

12. Engineers are creative

To find solutions for various problems faced by them they have racked their brains to the fullest. They apply creative solutions for their work to be done. He will be your go to person if you ever face any problem in your life.

13. They can stay awake late at nightLast moment preparations for exams and assignment submissions has made them accustomed to remain awake till late hours during college days. They would not mind talking to you till the wee hours. What else do you need girl ?!

14. They do not get disappointed by failures

They have faced their fair share of failure in the form of ‘ATKT’. But it has only encouraged them to work harder and pass any hurdles that come into their lives. You would not have the fear that he will leave you if you make any mistake. Instead he will help you to improve your shortcomings.

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