Internet, a global computer network, has become so popular that today’s dealers call other media channels that are not linked to the internet as offline. Online branding is much easier than offline branding but offline well-implemented branding attempts could bring in humongous online return on outlay.



What does SEO mean exactly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the exercise of increasing the quantity as well as the quality of traffic to your site through organic or fundamental search engine results. For example, you have written an article and you want the portal to display it as the top result to anyone who searches something related to your article. You have to apply SEO on your article so that Google includes your article as one of the top results.

Connection between links and brand searches

Brand references are now an essential part of Google’s search signals. Let me put it in this way, when a user types in a specific keyword and then hits on your website’s link, Google considers it as a brand search. A connection is formed between that specific search keyword and your domain. These connections are then used to change the number of links(inbound) denoting to your domain. If you have extremely large number of backlinks and few brand search then the merit of your inbound links is deducted for the motive of computing your search ranking.


An enormous number of searches are caused by offline branding. Your offline branding will affect your site ranking. Offline branding triggers online mentions. If done properly, offline branding can work wonders. Many big companies still release newspaper, TV, radio ads. Google is definitely paying attention to the effect of offline marketing to online search.


Reducing certain links

Google strives for reducing or discounting the value of links for the sites with same possessor and give more importance to backlinks from unassociated domains. So the exercise of providing clone domains may finally come up against a hurdle that hampers progress.


Mentions and implied links

Backlinks offer a more accurate image of the brand power for ranking purposes. People would obviously talk about a popular brand online. Thus, implied links and brand mentions are a more rational way to rank sites and not on the ploys that people adopt to manipulate algorithms.


How to build a strong offline brand

One idea is to advertise your brand by sending out something that is given for free along with the order. Standard freebies include branded pens, pencils, mugs. Instead of these standard things, you could attempt something special and unforgettable. Logo plays an essential role. If you are planning to change your brand logo or designing a brand new logo make sure that the design can be flawlessly shown across both online and offline marketing publications. Maintain the consistency across all platforms. Here are few other ways that you could imbibe.

  • Speaking at events

You can speak at public events. Speaking sessions provide humongous marketing opportunities. Firstly, speaking in public makes you popular amid a targeted audience that is ready to listen to what you have to offer. Speaking sessions also boost immense credibility. Social media marketing is effective online but these marketing strategies require offline meetups for good results. A personal connection is essential.


  • Cold Calls

What is cold call? Cold call means to make voluntarily phone calls or visit in order to sell goods. People sometimes ignore the effectiveness of cold calls. Phone calls have a personal touch that echo with likelihood sometimes. Cold calls often help companies reach out to well established companies for collaboration.


  • Guerilla marketing tactic

You would be wondering what is this “Guerilla marketing tactic?” Guerilla    marketing gets the band in an entity that can surprise most of the existing customers or users. Notes, website creation, webinars and so on are very effective. The main aim of guerilla marketing is to strike a chord with almost everyone.


  • Print advertisements

Just like blogs get you online viewers and subscribers, print ads get you potential users or customers through offline media. One needs to be careful while opting for print ads. It should be within a stipulated budget. Ads can be published in popular publications where your targeted audiences are probably going to view the advertisement. To track these ads you can have QR codes on the ads.



So it turns out that offline branding does have space in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). A proper ground work is required before conducting offline marketing. We also saw that human connection and interaction is important in offline branding. Make a note of your strengths and weaknesses. This would give a clear idea about where to invest i.e in which offline branding strategy. The benefits of combining online and offline marketing is urging companies to amalgamate online and offline marketing strategies. So do not hesitate in practicing offline branding as it is definitely an essential part of SEO.

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