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A commendable approach was initiated by some citizens who are keenly interested in the worrisome issues of the country. They held an event for raising major concerning issues like feminism. The hosts for the same were Mr.Gurpreet Singh Tikku and Ms.Gurleen Kaur Tikku. These two noble souls hosted an event in Delhi dated 13 April 2019 which lead to a great awakening of the people present. The event was conducted for more than 200 people.

The participants saw quite organised setup with exact precision in lightening, seating and stage amendments. The chief guest of the day was ‘Kamlesh Gill’ who played a role of ‘Veeji’ in Vicky Donor. She was quite enthusiastic by heart and loved by all. Her way of perceiving things and the attitude towards life impressed everyone. Then there was a speech on uplifting women status by RJ Sayema and talks by Hridhan. A dance fusion performance by Rashmi followed this.


The participants also enjoyed the perfect sandwich they prepared by choosing onto favourite dips and condiments. Veeba, famous spreads and sauces producing firm was held in charge of restoring the energies in the morning. There were salad dressings to a diverse variety of dips,sauces and other items. They also launched their new Fruit Toppings which were admired by everyone. These included Caramel Fudge Topping, Strawberry Fruit Topping, Chocolate Fudge Topping and Alphonso Mango Fruit Topping.

US cranberries were a complementary literary kept stacked in martini glasses on every table that could be gulped while enjoying the conversation. They held quite an importance in improving human health. They increase the health of the urinary tract, reduction of inflammation, stops the growth of cancer-causing cells, and helps the stomach in several ways.

SheShines 2019

Moreover, the dry berries contain lots of vitamins including essential Vitamin C, E, Kand A. They prove to be advantageous for heart, health, gums, hair as well as skin.

The seminar was ended in the evening, and the participants were departed by handing them over goodie bags consisting of famous brand products and making them feel loved in every possible way. The participants were quite happy by the way the seminar initiated and ended.

These types of seminars are quite crucial in society as they help women recognise their self-worth and teach them not to settle for anything less. They are taught self-love and understanding and self-acceptance which is quite needful in today’s times.


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