Signs That He Is A Controlling Partner

1. He distances you from your friends and relativesThe most common sign of a controlling partner is that they isolate you from your loved ones. They want you to be solely dependent on them for  everything. They do not like it when you talk to your friends and relatives and spend time with them without his prior ‘permission’.

2. He criticizes you for everything

He always finds some issues about the way you talk, dress, behave, etc. He will tell you to do things a certain way and criticizes you if you do not follow the same.

3. Love- Terms and conditions applyIf your partner puts limit on his love, it is definitely a sign that he is a controlling person. If he tell you to do some hings only then he will be able to love you more then this is a big red flag for your relationship.

4. He is a demanding personalityIf he wants something he demands it from you rather than ask you. If you are not able to give him what he wants, he gets angry or tries to emotionally guilt you into giving that thing to him.

5.  He constantly makes fun of youYou are his source of entertainment. He makes fun of you in front of his friends to try to look cool and puts you down every chance he gets. He will tell you that you are over reacting if you tell him that you are not comfortable with being the butt of his jokes constantly. He will make you feel as if you are being upset over nothing and you are just being an uptight person.

6. He abuses you and threatens youHe abuses you emotionally or physically. To make sure that you are under his control he will make threats. If you try to leave him he threatens you that he will harm or kill himself if you break up with him. He blackmails you with something that is important to you so you would not try to leave him or would not stand up to him. He manipulates you into doing things according to him.

7. The blame gameHe always blames you for any issues or problems happening in their lives. They accuse you of purposely trying to harm them. During any fights, according to them always it is your fault.

8. He spies on you

He does not trusts you. Informing him that you are going out with a friend is not enough. He continuously calls you, asks you to send your live location or just drops in the place ‘accidentally’ where you are with your said friend to check on you.  Monitoring your whereabouts and the people you meet is always his top priority. He occasionally visits you at your work place without informing you.

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