Signs That Your Friend Is Actually Your Frenemy


If you find following signs in your so-called friends, run the other way as far as you can. Having a frenemy is far more dangerous than having an enemy. Here are some of the signs that prove that your friend is more like a frenemy.

  1. They expect you to be always available for them yet won’t do the same for youYou will be on your toes in case they ever need you but they wouldn’t turn up in the times you need them the most if they do not see their own benefit in helping you.

    2. To make themselves look better they try to bring you          down
    Always remember that friends are supposed to lift you up no matter what. If you feel that your friend tries to put you down occasionally to make themselves look superior, its time to rethink your friendship.

3. Frequently break their promises

If your friend break their promise once or twice for a valid reason then its okay. But if your so called friend never keeps his/her words than its quite clear that you do not hold much importance in their life.

4. They talk behind your back about you to other people

Your real friends will defend you even in your absence. Even if you guys have a fight your true friends would not involve other people and say bad things about you. On the contrary, they would destroy the people who badmouth you. Have a friend who runs away to other people to vent if you guys have a fight ?

My two cents..stay away from those so called ‘friends’.

5.  Leave you in your bad times 

During your times of distress and troubles they run away leaving you high and dry. They leave you to fend for yourself and do not provide any support. The same people will be back in your life in your good times carrying with them some lame excuses as to why they were not available for you during the time you actually needed them. Its better to not rely on these kind of people as they will betray you at the time when you will need them the most.

6. Constantly compare you with themselves

If your friend tries to compare you both in each and every thing then its not a good thing. Healthy competition is okay but if your friend tries to one up you in every thing and cannot digest the fact that you are better than them at something then its a sign they are not your well wishers.

7. They are jealous of your accomplishments

Your true friends will celebrate your achievements with you. Your frenemy on the other hand, will be jealous. They will tell you that they are happy for you but will try to block your way to achievements and would try to sabotage your way to the success. They would be really dejected in your accomplishments.

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8. They will leave you as soon as they find someone else

They ignore you and leave you alone as soon as they see their other friends and will not give a second thought before deserting you. Those people would rather spend time with the more popular crowd than spending quality time with you or will only talk to you if they are alone.

9. They talk to you only when they need somethingAlways remember true friendship is not a business where the concerned parties only talk to each other when they need something. Have a friend who’s the first to disappear after they get the help they want ? its time to cut these kind of people out of your life.

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