Wooden Cutting Board

The Best Type of Wood for Wooden Cutting Board

Cutting boards are made of wood, plastic etc. But which wood will you prefer making a wooden cutting board?

Not every wood is suitable as the ingredient of cutting board. Usually, maple, walnut, cherry etc. woods are preferable to do so. There are a couple of reasons why these woods are selected mostly and why not others. I have found these key facts for choosing the best type of wood for the wooden cutting board.


The Best Type of Wood for Wooden Cutting Board

Hardness of the wood is the first thing we need to look at. You are going to chop things on the cutting board. So, hardwood cutting board is a must. A wood for the wooden cutting board should have the hardness of 900-1500lbf. The woods having enough hardness are known as hardwood. Flowering plants with broad leaves such as birch, maple, oak etc. are some of them. The high density of the woods makes them ready to make the cutting boards. So, you should choose the wood which is durable, hard and has high density.


The second thing you need to know about the wood for making cutting board is the toxicity of the woods. Anything that is toxic can have negative sides. Woods can have toxicity and this creates irritation, sensitization etc. Sometimes toxic wood makes the food poisonous. The oils and resins of the wood can go into the foods and later you will have health issues. This is a big issue of cutting board wood selection.

Ecological Balance:

Cutting trees can bring ecological imbalance. Deforestation, birds and animal habitat destruction etc. are related to cutting trees. You need to be careful of these. Cutting the trees not suitable for the cutting board will be disastrous.

These below woods are mostly popular which are non-toxic, harder, and environmental-safe:

Walnut: This is popular for its beauty. It can be of different colors, from yellow to brown. Price of the walnut woods is bit higher. If you like to carve or engrave something, you should choose this wood. A single piece of walnut wood can have multiple colors. So, the persons who wish to have a stylish wooden cutting board should choose this one.

Cherry: The color range of this wood is from blonde to red or reddish brown. This type of wood contains fine, straight grain. This is also artistic wood but also expensive one too.

Maple: The mostly used hardwood for producing wooden cutting board. The hardness of maple is admirable. The color of the wood can be versatile. White or creamy white, reddish etc. colored maple woods are mostly chosen. Maple woods are cheaper than walnut or cherry woods. But they have no negotiation of durability.

Bamboo, teak etc. are also used to make the sturdy wooden cutting board. But they are not enough durable like maple, cherry or walnut. Cedar, pine etc. trees haven’t the quality of the hardwoods. They are either toxic or less hardy than the hardwoods. So, you have now the knowledge of selecting the good wood for the wooden cutting board.

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