Things to Check While Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator is an appliance that every food business needs for storage and preservation of food. Almost all food businesses in the Gold Coast make use of commercial refrigerator units to prevent the foods from spoilage. However, with the availability of a wide range of refrigerators business owners need to choose the right unit for them.

Every unit is made for use in a specific application and has its features and advantages. Buyers need to consider their requirements and place of use before buying a unit. Let us learn more about the things to consider while purchasing a commercial refrigerator.

Temperature range

Every refrigerator has a temperature range, and you need to check that range before buying. The food items also need the temperature to prevent them from spoilage. The temperature range for food items is different. For example, fruits and vegetables need a lower temperature range than cakes and pastries. So, buyers and businesses need to consider the type of foods and the temperature required for their preservation while buying a commercial refrigerator.

Size of refrigerator

The size of a fridge is another important factor to consider. It depends on the number of food items that you need to store. It is best to buy a size bigger than you think you need for storage of foods. As your business grows, you need to store more food items, and then you might suffer a shortage of space in the refrigerator. Instead of buying another unit later, it is better to buy a fridge of a larger size than you need at present.

Space for installation

Businesses also need to consider the amount of space where they want to install the refrigerator. For example, reach in refrigerators in Gold Coast can fit in most spaces, but you cannot install a walk-in refrigerator in a shop. So the size of the refrigerator you should buy also depends on the space available for its installation.

Type of door

Some commercial refrigerators come with solid doors while some have transparent doors. For example, reach in refrigerators come with a glass door to make the food items visible from the outside. They are ideal for retail stores and shops as the customers can see the food items and take out what they want to buy. The bakery refrigerators also come with transparent doors while the ones for kitchens and prep areas come with solid doors. The cooling and efficiency of solid door refrigerators are higher than units with transparent doors.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

When you install a commercial refrigerator in your business, your energy bill is sure to increase. Therefore, energy efficiency is another crucial factor to consider. Commercial refrigerators come with an energy star rating. The two stars rated units are least efficient, and the five stars rated are most efficient. However, the price of the units for five star rated refrigerators is also higher than three and four-star rated units. It is best if you buy a unit with the highest energy efficiency. It will cost you more, but it can save you thousands of dollars on energy consumption over the years.

Price of the unit

The prices of refrigeration units vary according to the manufacturer, type, size, features, and energy efficiency. If you consider the units of the same manufacturer, and the same type and size, the price varies according to the features and energy efficiency. A reach in refrigerator with more features and higher efficiency will carry a higher price tag than the same unit with fewer features and efficiency.

Warranty of the unit

Almost all companies in Gold Coast offer a guarantee of the refrigerators they manufacture and sell. In case of a problem in the working of main components like compressor and condenser, they repair or replace the part free of cost. The warranty offered by different manufacturers may vary, and this is important to consider. For example, some companies provide five to seven years of warranty on the compressor, which is the main component of a refrigerator.

Maintenance costs

Every commercial refrigerator requires periodic service, which involves cleaning, checking the refrigerant, and some repair if needed. A commercial fridge technician Gold Coast can visit your business and perform the service for your refrigerator at affordable prices. However, the cost of different units varies according to the type and size of the fridge. For example, the service cost of the walk-in refrigerator is significantly higher than that of a reach in the unit.

Final Words

These are some essential points to consider while buying a commercial refrigerator. Businesses should always define their exact requirements before planning to buy a new refrigeration unit. In addition to the features and prices, buyers should also check the energy rating of the unit as it affects their energy bills. Considering all the above points in this post can help food businesses of every size to buy the right commercial refrigerator and reap the advantages over the years.


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