Tips To Stop Being Dependent On Others

It is not easy to stop being dependent on people. The fear of loneliness and failure start creeping up your legs as soon as you start thinking about being independent from the people on whom we were relying on till now. Here are some tips to follow to make yourself stop being dependent on others.

  1. Start taking responsibilities of your lifeIf we are dependent on others, we usually give up control of our life to other people. It is because we are afraid to face the consequences of our decisions in the future. We need assurance that if something wrong goes in our life, we will at least have some one to blame other than our own self. This thinking of ours stops us to from taking risks. Always remember that risks are just a part of life and life consists of both successes and failures. So get that fear out of your system and start taking charge of your own life.

2. Be grateful for what you have

If you have food to eat, a ceiling above your head, sufficient clothes to wear, than you are already better than most of the people in this world. Everyone is not probably as lucky as you are. These are the basics which are luxuries in some people’s life. Be grateful and thank God and your parents for what you have.

3. Stop agreeing with people out of fearDo not agree with people just for the sake of it. Always remember that you are entitled to your own opinion just as other people are. Your opinion does not have to align with others. It is okay if it differs and you should not be embarrassed or afraid to put forward the point that you believe in, even if that means you are the only one with that belief in a room full of people. You should feel worthy of expressing your opinions fearlessly.

4. Stop blaming yourself for something that isn’t your fault

Shit happens all the time. Stop blaming yourself for something which was not under your control. Things keep happening in our lives. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad. But that is life. Dependent people who do not trust themselves enough tend to accept blame for a mistake they did not commit. Stop doing that to yourself as soon as possible.

5. Stop constantly seeking approval from other people

Insecurity enters into the people who are dependent when they do not get the approval from people they are looking for. Stop believing that you are worthy only if the other person approves of you. The only validation and approval you need in your life is from your own self.

6. Stop expecting the worst for every scenario

Yes bad thing do happen, but so do good things. Stop being negative and think more about the positive outcomes that can come out of a situation. The key is to start trusting yourself more and believing in what you do.

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