Top Reasons Why Makarska Is A Dream City For Holidays

In recent years, the sleepy old town of Makarska has awoken from its slumber and is now vehemently challenging well-established cities like Split, Dubrovnik and Zadar that were previously hogging most of the vacation action. Its progress as a one-stop vacation package has not gone unnoticed as more and more holiday seekers are lured by the irresistible appeal of the city at the very edge of Croatia’s coastline. So why is Makarska slowing turning to the dream city for anyone planning a vacation on Dalmatian shores? Well, let’s find out.

1) Makarska is home to a one-of-kind, secluded nudist beach
The city has an abundance of sandy beaches overlooking heavenly turquoise waters however the Nugal nudist beach just a half-an-hour ride out of town is one that particularly catches the eye. It is a place where you can let go of all your worries, and your clothes as well, and lazy about enjoying the pleasures a warm summer day coupled with scenic views that are almost too good to be true. However, if the idea of strutting across a beach in your birthday suit is not your cup of tea, then you’ll be glad to note that you don’t have to be a nudist to be privy of the secluded treasures of Nugal. Alternatively, you could opt for the similarly enchanting Buba beach that proves a lovely alternative to the town’s more crowded main beach.

makarska cliff

2) It is a uniquely partying town
Croatia is famous for its partying and festivities but Makarska adds a new twist to how letting loose or getting down should be done. The town’s famous Club Deep Nightclub is a nicely odd establishment that was built underground and is a lovely compromise between a café, a bar and a nightclub. During yacht week, it is a synonymous stopover for all party boats who frequent its premises on Sunday nights. The many ever-present wine and musical festivities on display every other weekend throughout the town are also among the other reasons why sailors brave the waters from far and wide.


3) Makarska’s town square is a treat for history buffs
Croatia’s popular towns are normally highlighted by a main square that is endearingly charming and Kacic Square in Makarska continues this tradition splendidly. The area is characterized by vintage, pebbled walkways and gorgeous, well-preserved buildings that are easy on the eye. It is also filled with various historical monuments to take in including a Venetian drinking fountain to one side and a 19th-century Kacic-Miosic Monument to the other. There is also a World War II monument on Glavica Hill which doubles up as a base for an Astronomical Observatory that affords visitors a foray into the stars once the sun goes down. Makarska is a delight for history lovers and just anyone with the slightest inclination toward art.

Makarska Croatia

4) The town is a stone’s throw away from popular islands
Almost 80 islands and upwards of 500 islets litter the nearby shore with Hvar and Brac the largest and most notable of that archipelago. You can sail the waters in between- there is a daily ferry between Sumartin and Makarska that makes the trip multiple times every day- and explore the many popular pleasures that each has to offer including invigorating caves and lagoons, instagrammable beaches, diverse marine life, enthralling water sports and centuries-old ruins among many others.

Finally, you can round off your holiday at St. Peter’s Peninsula where you get a front row seat to mesmerizing sunsets that’ll make you want to stay forever.

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