“Well, good?” That feeling is important. 10 tips to spend without stress


The hard worker can not think easily, “Well, good” “Somehow become” “The idea of” good, moderate “. Do you feel the discomfort of your body and mind with the stress of “I have to do it properly,” why do not you do your best and do not know unexpectedly? What kind of things should I keep in mind to avoid stress and what are the ways to dissipate stress? · For those women who have such troubles, “Hints for Staying Out of Stress” Let me introduce!


What kind of stress are you having?

Are you feeling stress now? Or maybe some people do not understand their stress well. Stress is a thing that causes something mental and physical disorder from the environment and society, and it is said that everyone has some kind of stress. Some people find that this is due to stress only after a physical or mental disorder occurs.

Why is stress accumulated?

Stress is an external reaction or stimulus that occurs to a person, not all of which are bad. It is sometimes that motivation and power are allotted with external stimuli. However, if you feel suppressed, it will be a bad stress that will cause mental and physical abnormalities. If you do not do this work of stressing, it will become one that will accumulate day by day.

Stress is not accumulated, how to spend 10

It is important to shed stress before you feel it. If you know the routine practices and core talents, you can prevent stress from being accumulated. Let’s introduce then

1. Let’s forgive in “Well, okay” asking for perfection

It is a serious thing that is frequently said as a tendency seen in hard workers. In other words, both work and private are aimed at perfectly doing everything, half way is impossible. That means perfectionism. But there is absolutely no need to be perfect for everything. For example, what we can do tomorrow can be tomorrow. I can not waste it because I can spend that amount of time for something. So, let’s leave it to myself or someone else to say “Well, okay” instead of carrying it all on your own.

2. Accept “I’m OK”

It is also necessary to accept myself who can not do it at times. Even serious people seeking perfection will never give up even in a difficult situation. But giving up is never a bad thing. That is sometimes the best policy right now. To say to yourself “Okay”, to have courage to give up is a style that is necessary for adults. I do not care when I sometimes do something wrong. Let ‘s take care of myself so occasionally.

3. “I have to …” “… if I do not …” Let’s let go of your rule

In the world, general public, every community has rules. Without that rule, the order within that will be broken and people will be confused. But this is a story outside of me. Are not you confidently forced to stiffen such a strict rule? Will not you be bound by that rule and you will not be able to move?

For example, I suppressed myself because of the rule that I should get angry. There is a possibility that such rule of myself has made stress. Then let ‘s let go of your rule. You can control and adjust yourself yourself. It is important to release your mind and feelings occasionally.

4. When using a lot of heads, “Let’s walk for” Karuruku “

Desk work and office work, I think about in various scenes of everyday, I used my head too much ~ I am tired! Is that what you mean? It becomes stressful as this also accumulates day by day. It is good to rest your body at such times, but walking is recommended lightly.

I walk a few train stations on the commuter train, and when I go shopping I walk without using the train. Let’s incorporate walking in daily life etc. Try walking rhythmically by waving your arms and trying to exercise, because you are tired, you walk away without thinking about anything by walking feeling. It is okay with walking called Kuruaru walk. I can do quite a refresh.

5. “People are people. I am living.” Let’s live by my own pace

My pace is a person living on my scale. It is common for people to compare themselves with others in the community they belong to, such as society or company, but it is wasteful of time to declining themselves compared to others without permission. Let’s honestly incorporate the good points of that person and try hard at your own pace. It is just fine with “good adjustment” “own pace”.

6. Moyamoya, let’s wash away the bad feelings

Do you feel like everyday feeling or disgusting as moyamoya, do not you keep pulling forever? If such unpleasant things are accumulated in these minds, they will be burdened with stress as mind and body. Let’s wash away quickly without accumulating. What you actually do is say that you can take a shower or a bath when you feel Moyamoya, and it is also good to go to a hot spring or a spa. It may be nice to wash clothes that you usually do not wash very much. Since the feeling that the mind and body are “washed away” is important, let’s look for your own “mind and body washing method”.

7. If you feel cramped “Petit” Let’s go on a trip alone

When you feel cramped in everyday life, we recommend you to rest and rejuvenate both mentally and physically. In such a case, it is recommended to go on a journey to where you want to go. It is very important that this “get lonely”. By thinking again after becoming alone, you can organize your mind and abandon your mind, or you can reconfirm the human relationship that you think is important again.

Group traveling to share impressions is also good, but sometimes you will soak in loneliness, we recommend traveling alone to think alone. If one woman, it is recommended that the transportation has developed in the metropolitan area. If the resort is one woman, it may stand out. Let’s pay attention to crime prejudice.

8. Relax the mind and body

If you feel tired of your body and mind, it is important to relax your mind and body. Let’s rest the five senses that kept working first. For those who are always in a lively place, it is recommended to go to a quiet place with no noise or bustle. Even a place where healing music flows, if you are at home, let’s silence the stimulation that you do not need to silence.

Eye mask is also recommended to rest your eyes. Aromas such as lavender and chamomile are also good. Anyway let’s rest on the five senses of tiredness and moisturize. You should not get tired of the next day.

9. Make a day to eat love “freely and happily”

When you can not enjoy your meal, you can understand disoriented signs of your heart and body well. Evidence that my heart gets tired when doing something you like or doing something I like a bit. When my heart is in bad shape, I can not always feel what I like is delicious. The meal that does not feel delicious makes you feel very lost. Let’s cherish the habit of eating delicious everyday.

To endure your favorite meal on a diet also leads to stress. Let’s make a day to eat anything you like, such as a good day you can eat favorite chocolate, a day to eat meat only on this day of the week. What you can not endure is a shortcut for stress elimination.

10. Let’s “undress” stretches and massage accumulated fatigue

The eyes are overworked to the extent that it is said that they are coming from eyestrain including stiff neck and neck stiffness. Everyday care is very important. Let ‘s care about eyestrained eyes on personal computers, smartphones, etc. with massage and stretching for as many minutes as you can sit on the desk.

The accumulated fatigue may extend not only to stiff neck, but also headache. Easy self-massage will alleviate these, so let’s actively massage and stretch when you go home or take a bath that your muscles have warmed up.

I’m blowing away from stress!

I introduced a hint to spend without getting stressed. How was it? Did you feel a little lighter or a mind cleared up? Even though the stress is large and small, anyone is holding it. It is not special either. Stress is very light in one casual attitude and daily routine of usual everyday. Let’s blow stress lightly ?


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