What happens to our brain when we fall in love?


Love can generate as much addiction as drugs.

The expression “going crazy” for someone takes on all the sense of the world by knowing the scientific explanation of what happens in our brain when we fall in love with someone. We feel bursting and bursting the romantic part of the process, but as indicated by science, we can say that love is nothing more than a cocktail of substances that make our body react. And it is that love is like a drug, and no, it is not another expression: when we fall in love, our body releases chemical compounds and hormones that can generate an addictive sensation. A study carried out by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine revealed that when a relationship ends, just like when a person is addicted to the drug, the consequences of addiction are so strong that it can lead to depressive or obsessive behaviors.

brain when we fall in love

Do you want to know other curiosities about the effect of love?

An explosive cocktail of substances
When we fall in love, our brain releases dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, three hormones that generate a sense of well – being, give us energy and make us see life pink. Each of these hormones also influences the different phases of love (desire, attraction, affection …) and are the culprits that we feel “butterflies” in our stomach, explained the researcher Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at the University of Rutgers in his study.

In addition to these three hormones, love also increases the doses of adrenaline, estrogen, and testosterone, which explains, among other things, the sensation of nerves and “high” when we see the person we are in love with, and of course, the sexual attraction towards her.

And the thing does not stay here: as we fall in love, the brain continues to secrete other chemicals, such as pheromones, phenylethylamine, serotonin … Compounds that act like amphetamines would: stimulate the pleasure receptors of the brain and cause symptoms like the increase in heart rate, sweating, loss of appetite, euphoria … Hence the expression that love is like a disease, it even has its own symptoms.

Smell plays a very important role
More than love, at first sight, we should talk about smell. And the smell is highly powerful when we refer to love. Each person has a particular aroma due to the balance of pheromones and it is precisely this difference that produces the attraction. In fact, the smell stays in our brain and causes sensations in our bodies such as sexual attraction. Surely it has happened to you walking down the street, perceive the smell of your partner (in the perfume of someone who passes by your side, for example) and automatically think of him or her: our brain recreates the image of that Special person and makes our heart accelerate by thinking about her. Curious, right?

Kisses help us to de-stress
Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel an uncontrollable desire to kiss your partner? Leaving romanticism aside, kissing is also a scientific phenomenon. One of the latest research on faithmatology (this is the name of the branch that studies kissing) has revealed that the exchange of saliva is essential to choose our ideal partner. By kissing with that special person, the amounts of cortisol (the hormone that generates nervousness) are reduced, making our level of stress also decrease. and, incidentally, increase sexual appetite.

As you can see, that of “having chemistry” makes more sense than ever.

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