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What Would Be Life Without Having Your Spoiled Sibling In It?

Some of us hate the sight of our siblings whereas, some of us really can’t wait to meet and gossip with them, right? We all have been fighting, laughing, and love our siblings all or childhood and adulthood as well. No matter how mad I may fight with my sibling, I could never claim to have a happening childhood without having my sibling in it. On an honest note, I miss celebrating Raksha Bandhan with my sibling now.

Living away from your sibling is the hardest thing especially when this festival is around the corner. Remember the time when you hunt for the best rakhi buy online gifts for your brother or your sister? What fun did it bring along, right? The most irritating soul that exists on this planet is our sibling to us, right? However, ever imagine your childhood without having that irritating soul? Scares you, right? No matter how badly we deny the fact, we could not have a better childhood than we have had with our siblings by our side. Yes, if you still believe that you would be better off without your sibling than your perception is about to change after reading this article. Let’s jump in:

  • You would be spoiled:

Have You ever met a person who is a single child? I mean, you know how spoiled brat they become gradually. That is because their parents happen to shower all their share of love on their only child. Honestly, these spoiled brats are sometimes hard to endure. However, now you can relate that it is your equally divided love of parents that did not let you become one spoiled and pampered kid. Now, look at your sibling lying lifeless across your room and thank him or her for being the reason for your normal nature.

  • The sibling drought:

I have met people who grew without having siblings in their childhood, who are extremely depressed. Yes, most of these kids happen to be sad and depressing since they have no one to share their secrets with or play with during their childhood. Remember the times you were pulling your sibling’s hair or coloring their face? Kids without siblings must be battling depression. Be grateful to your parents and your siblings (if your conscious allows you to) for making your childhood happening and cheerful.

  • Attention Seekers:

You cannot endure the company of an attention seeker? So, do I. They are the second most irritating creatures after the cry babies. However, it is not their fault. They have grown up this way. All the attention has been given to them since their childhood because of the single child reason. Imagine, if you were without your sibling, you too would have been an attention seeker? Eh, that’s a cringe!

  • Less parental pressure:

Did you know that if it were for your sibling, you might have been pursuing not your passion but your parents? Yes, the pressure of becoming something decreases when you have a sibling. You have more power to choose a career for yourself. Also, if you are a younger sibling then, go and hug your elder sibling because most of the pressure from your parents had been exerted on him or her. Single children can relate to how their parents impose their dreams and aspirations on them and they are left to become mere puppets at the hands of their parents.

  • Less humor and witty:

Did you know that the credit of you being humorous and witty goes to your sibling? Yes, it definitely does. People having siblings tend to be more humorous and witty than those who are single children. This is because you have shared your childhood with children of almost the same age group and that matters. You had someone to share your jokes with, play with, and have fun with. Imagine yourself with any wit and humour! How would you survive all your life?

  • Childhood without surprise:

Having a sibling is just like having a childhood full of surprises. You never know what is going to happen the next day with you and your sibling. One day, you could be fighting with each other and the other day you both are on a shopping spree. Had you got no siblings, your childhood had been so banal and funless.

So, if you were ungrateful enough to your sibling all your life, then, it’s time you cover up for your mistakes. Since rakhi is right around the corner, send rakhi to your sibling and let him know how special a place he holds in your life.

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