Why Sisters Are The Best Gifts In The World

Sisters can be really irritating sometimes, but they are the best things that could ever happen to you. For once, your best friend can ditch you but your sister never will. Here are the reasons that you are one of the luckiest person on this earth if you have a sister.

  1. They will give you the advise you ‘need’, not what you want to ‘hear’
    Sisters will give you the most honest advise. They would not sugarcoat any of your mistakes and would not hesitate to point out your faults. This habit of theirs will help you make yourself a better person as they will always make sure that your feet stays on the ground.

2. They are the ‘Google’ for your real life problems

No matter how tough of a situation you are in, your sister will always be ready with a solution to get you out of the mess.  Rarely there will be any issues in our life which your sisters would not have a mind blowing solution for !

3. You can share your deepest and darkest secrets with them

No matter how embarrassing or crazy a secret you have, sisters will never judge you. You can always count on your sisters and they will carry your secrets to their graves.

4. An elder sister is like your second mommy dearest

Having an elder sister is like getting buy one get one free offer on the mother deal. They care for you, love you, protect you and scold you on your mistakes the same way your mother does. Sometimes she is more than a mother to you than your own biological mother.

5. No one messes with you

Your sister will make sure that no harm comes to you. People will think twice before messing with you as they will know that your sister will become a nightmare for them if they do anything bad with you. Your sister would not spare the person who wishes you any bad or harasses you in any way, making sure that the person suffers.

Anytime. Anywhere

6. She is your free personal stylist

Their opinions on your style and dressing can sometimes feel savage. But you will be sure that whatever they say will be honest. They will apologetically tell you if something suits you or not with pausing. She knows you better than you know yourself and will suggest you dresses and hairdos which will make you look attractive and even help you do them for you. Your go to person when you have to get ready for a date or a party is always your sister.

7. Your shoulder to cry on

She is your emotional support system. Had a breakup ? Fought with your best friend ? Failed in exams ? The one solution to your many problems is your sister. No matter how petty or big the issue is, sisters always lend their ears to you. They act as your strength pillar in your worst of times. You can talk any nonsense with her and she will calmly listen to your ranting without any judgement.

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8. Gives you the best career advice 

Sisters are the best gift
Sisters are the best gift

Your sister has known you since forever. She knows your likes and dislikes much better than you. She knows your favorites subjects and hobbies. This is why your sister is able to give you the best career advice regarding your future.

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